About Thunder Treats

Thunder Treats was created in late December 2008 with two goals in mind. Exploit women and sport. To date, we feel we have done that to the max. Whenever possible, we try to mix the two together. We feel that sometimes, you just need to have a picture of babe to help tell the story. We will continue to do our best and try to make you proud…Since our parents already gave up on us a long time ago. If there is something you think should be changed or pointed out or a babe you think deserves some face time, do not hesitate to let us know!

Why Thunder Treats?
A lot of people may be wondering how we came up with the name Thunder Treats. This is easy. Jack Potts as well as DiLo’s sister both, for longer than either of them care to admit, believed the lyrics to a famous AC/DC song were as follows:

“Dirty deeds and thunder treats”

Instead of:

“Dirty deeds, done dirt cheap”

When thinking of a name for the blog, I had this song stuck in my head. I kept thinking how long they were singing the wrong lyrics and laughing out loud. Shortly there after, Thunder Treats was born…Enjoy.

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