There are currently 8 different contributing authors to Thunder Treats from all over the United States. For the most part, we all went to the same high school except for one who hails from “Wildcat Alley”. Since high school we have all spread out but have not lost our love for babes and sports.

DiLo Creator – DiLo lives in Las Vegas and balls out in his spare time. Most of his post will be about women, top tens and anything he damn pleases seeing as how he is creator.

Jack Potts Creator – Mr. Potts resides in Las Vegas as well and was as much a visionary for Thunder Treats as DiLo was. Jack’s posts focus more on sports and venting about sports (see “Hey ESPN, Eat Farts!“).

So Cal Shredder Author – Shredder hails from…you guessed it…San Diego in b-e-a-utiful Southern California. Shredder is an important part of Thunder Treats. Not only are his posts hilariously funny, he also provides us with new SoCal lingo so we stay hip.

Louie D Author – LD43 rocks his posts from the rust belt. Youngstown born, Youngstown bread. Louie D’s insight into NBA breakdowns are unmatched and thoroughly researched. Louie D was also dunked on by LeBron James in high school. By “dunked on” I mean Posterized.

Jeb Author – Jeb publishes his posts from our Chicago location. No one anywhere on Earth has more information on Cleveland sports. Jeb is our Cleveland/NBA blogger. If it happens in Cleveland, odds are it sucks and Jeb is pissed about it.

Sir Dubz Author – Although he represents Akron, Ohio, Sir Dubz bleeds black and gold. He would be the Ying to Jebs Yang. Dubz keeps all of Thunder Treats in check by not letting us get too biased on the Buckeyes or Cleveland. Consider him being an Author our own little “Affirmative Action”.

Sahli Author – Sahli rips out posts from sunny Orlando, Florida. When he is not recruiting girls to be our Shorty with The Dumps or scoping chicks at Disney, he is giving us hilarious posts about things no one else would think of like The Ass Towel. He also owns the most extesive collection of cut offs known to man.

DiNunzio Author – DiNunzio hammers out his idea’s from the rust belt with Louie D. DiNunz might be one of the funniest mother f*ckers we have ever met. He has been added to find the comedy in all things sports and women. Because if something funny can be spun from something serious, DiNunzio can do it.

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