New Years

I will make this short, as this is my first blog and i don’t really know what the fuck i’m doing. Anyway, New Years Eve. I got pretty nasty last year on New Years. I’m going to drink my face off this year, maybe even someone elses face!

New Years is a time to be with friends and family, and get totally blasted. Everyone gets baligerent an stupid on this once a year occasion. I expect every one of my boys to be on the same page. When people call me to say HAPPY NEW YEAR, i want to be blasted. I want to tell them, ” I don’t remember how 2008 ended, and 2009 began.” They will ask why, and i will reply with “I started partying around 9:00 on December 31st 2008, blacked out, woke up in 2009!” wU! So Happy New Years to all.

P.S. Lets get BLASTED!!!!!

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