Daly Should Be on the $2 bill

Why the $2 bill? Because that’s how much his hookers cost. Not because he’s cheap, it’s because he lost everything else on a horse or at a blackjack table. Keep a Daly in your back pocket to get yourself a nice hooker at the end of the bad night or in the middle of a 5 day bender. Check out this video of him playing a round of golf without a shirt or shoes and probably a half bottle of johnny walker and a carton of marlboro reds in him.

All my teachers and all of the presidents talked about the “american dream”. Now I know what they were talking about all along. His daily regimen consists of a 18 holes in the morning, hittin up a lunch buffet at a near by strip club, hitting drives off beer cans, drinkin scotch, eating pain killers like skittles and gambling away everything he has. He is the epitome of a man’s man and is truly living the american dream. In his spare time he figured out a cure for bruised ribs…the sun.

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