1,000 Hits and We’re Still Kickin…

Well, we did it, 1,000 visitors in a little over a month with most of them coming in the last three weeks. Obviously, the acquisitions made to our staff are what made such an impact. There are a lot of ideas brewing at Thunder Treats. I know for a fact that YaDonk is putting together a post that will knock your socks clean off. It is sure to be on point and humorous as well. I also spoke with Mr. Jack Potts who assured me that he is gearing up for another great post. If you didn’t get a chance to read his “The Number 14” post I highly suggest you do. I asked the SoCalShredder if he had anything planned, but he responded that he just goes off the top of his head. If you know the Shredder personally then this shouldn’t come as any surprise. I would like to thank all the authors, both members and guests, for their efforts at delivering Thunder Nation with the entertainment they so deserve. And now, I have prepared a top 10 of the best posts from the first 1,000 visitors at Thunder Treats. Enjoy.

10. All Star Weekend

9. NHL 93

8. DiLo vs. Mays, Round 1

7. Mangini and Kokinis…Godspeed

6. Lou Brown in 2010?

5. The Number 14

4. With the First pick…

3. Mike 1, Chair 0, Final

2. Snake-isms

1. Things I would rather do than listen to Steven A. Smith

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