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2009 Thunder Treats MLB Preview

March 30, 2009

The 2009 MLB season is right around the corner and we here at Thunder Treats wanted to get the ball rolling with a preview of our own. First and foremost, So Cal Shredder needs to be recognized for being the brains behind this MLB preview. With that being said, Sunday April 5th at 8 PM opens the 2009 regular season with a first pitch showdown of the Atlanta Braves at the Philadelphia Phillies. It is only fitting to have the defending World Series champions open up the 2009 campaign on the national showcase.
This off season has been a very news worthy one, especially with the release of news implementing star 3rd baseman of the New York Yankees Alex Rodriguez to steroids. Baseball has been under the microscope for some time now and has taken many black eyes. 2009 looks to be another action packed season from the start so you might as well start your online betting. Now lets take a look above at the 8 Thunder Treats authors and their 2009 MLB picks.

The categories were broken down the following way:
AL & NL Cy Young
AL & NL East, Central, West and Wild Card winners
AL & NL Champs
World Series Champs

When the picks came in at the end, the team picked most often to win the 2009 World Series championship was the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. Let see if the Halos can win another World Series since there last one in 2002, or if someone else will emerge as the favorite.

In other news, check back this week as Thunder Treats releases the Erotic Eight in the Cougar Madness Tournament!

LeBron on 60 Minutes

March 27, 2009

This Sunday, the television show “60 Minutes” will be profiling Cleveland Cavalier LeBron James (Like I needed to announce the team before his name). In this interview, which was filmed at his alma mater Akron St. Vincent-St. Marys High School in Akron, Ohio, James talks of his memories and just how far he’s come. LeBron finishes the interview in a fashion that only LeBron could…

*Thanks to Jack Potts for the clip.

**Just a reminder that the Cougar Madness Erotic Eight will be up sometime this weekend. I am taking into account these votes, so keep them coming!**


March 25, 2009

Well here it is. The much anticipated Thunder Treats Sexy 16 is finally here! After what I can only consider “constructive criticism” from our readers, we have come up with a very competitive field for the final stretch of our tourney. Thank you to everyone who visited and thanks to all the commentors for their input. Thanks again to’s Extra Mustard for the shout out and the bracket love.

This week, there is a Cinderella Story out of the South region in Famke Jannson. She had considerable support from readers and her being a smoke face didn’t hurt the cause either. The number 1 seeds all rolled…with the exception of one…Kristin Chenoweth’s bid for a championship ended after an exceptional Teri Hatcher’s late surge. Mary Louise Parker and Carla Gugino both rolled to easy wins after the backing of SI’s Extra Mustard. Let’s hear your comments on who should move on to the next round. Also, we are going to need a new names for the next rounds because I’m pretty sure we can’t use Elite Eight or Final Four…Let me know guys. Thanks and Enjoy!

Week 1 Cougar Madness South Winners

March 24, 2009

Jennifer Aniston (#1 Seed) over Meredith Vieria (#16)

Amy Brenneman (#8) over Khandi Alexander (#9)

Famke Janssen (#12) with the upset special over Daisy Fuentes (#5)

Selma Hayek (#4) over Madonna (#13)

Monica Belluci (#6) over Christi Miller (#11)

Faith Hill (#3) over Rachel Ray (#14)

Sela Ward (#10) upsets fan favorite Gina Gershon (#7)

Yasmine Bleeth (#2) over Mariah Carey (#15)

Week 1 Cougar Madness East Winners

March 24, 2009

Kristen Chenoworth (#1 Seed) over Perrey Reeves (#16)

Teri Hatcher (#8) over Vanessa Williams (#9)

Sandra Bullock (#5) over Liz Hurley (#12)

Carla Gugino (#4) ove Katy Segal (#13)

Debbe Dunning (#6) over Lauren Graham (#11)

Connie Britton (#3) over Christie Brinkley (#14)

Diane Lane (#10) over Tia Leoni (#7)

Demi Moore (#2) over Marg Helenburger (#15)

Week 1 Cougar Madness West Winners

March 24, 2009

Halle Berry (#1 Seed) over Katie Couric (#16)

Sofia Milos (#9) over Annabella Sciorra (#8)

Michael Michelle (#5) over Cindy Crawford (#12)

Kate Walsh (#4) over Stacey Dash (#13)

Shania Twain (#6) over Sheryl Crow (#11)

Courtney Cox (#3) over Julia Louis Dreyfus (#14)

Mariska Hargitay (#10) over Kim Catrell (#7)

Jane Seymour (#2) over Julianne Moore (#15)

Week 1 Cougar Madness Midwest Winners

March 24, 2009

Lucy Liu (#1 Seed) over Janet Jackson(#16)

Kathy Ireland (#9) over Tia Carerra (#9)

Mary Louise Parker (#4) over Vanna White (#13)

Shannon Tweed (#5) over Marisa Tomei (#12)

Michelle Pfieffer (#11) with an upset special over Martina McBride (#6)

Elle McPherson(#3) over Nicole Sheridan (#14)

Pamela Anderson (#7) over Julia Roberts (#10)

Bridget Moynahan (#2) over Lisa Rinna (#15)

And the Winner is…

March 23, 2009

This is a sad day for me. I thought that Thunder Nation was better than this. In one of the most epic battles in recent memory, Thin Mints took down the delicious Carmel De Lites. Yes, Thin Mints did win but I will never consider Carmel De Lites a loser in any category ever. As co-creator of Thunder Treats, I have the authority/ability to keep putting up the same poll every week until I get the results I want. Against my better judgement, I have decided to concede and give Thin Mints there just recogonition Congratulations Thin Mint homers, your voice has been heard…


March 21, 2009

Even though there were no overtime thrillers in the first round, there were still plenty of upsets. The biggest of all had to come in the South region when underdog #12 seed Famke Janneson took down the powerful #5 seed Daisy Fuentes. Another surprise to us all was when the #11 seed Michelle Pfieffer smacked around #6 Martina McBride. All the number 1 seeds cruised to victory and are looking finer than ever. Just go ahead and set your browser homepage to Thunder Treats so you are sure to keep up to date with Cougar Madness.

Blake vs. Tim

March 21, 2009

Who knew that our good old friend Tim a.k.a. The Moose played basketball in Oklahoma? I guess whenever he got a chance to get away from the office, he would fly to Oklahoma and ball on people. Tim, any lingering effects from that concussion?

Round 2 of Cougar Madness should be up sometime today. We have decided that the way we are picking will reflect (mostly) how the seeds did in the actual tournament. Therefore, if a number 9 seed beat an 8 seed in the south region of the tourney then a 9 seed will beat an 8 seed in the south region of Cougar Madness. Check back soon.