2009 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament

With February in the past, and spring around the corner, that can only mean one thing: MARCH MADNESS! Nothing was better than calling off sick to school or work with a mysterious illness for the first Thursday and Friday of the tournament. I myself used to run a bracket poll every year and seemingly could throw away my bracket after the first two days. Like always , with a slew of teams competing at the top, it should make for another exciting year of tournament games. There is nothing better than watching a 12 seed upset a 5 or seeing George Mason or Davidson make a Cinderella run deep into the tourney. With all that being said, here is Uncle Buck’s tournament preview…

My projected #1 Seeds:
Connecticut (overall #1)
North Carolina

#2 Seeds

Middle of the pack teams with most potential of making a deep run:
Virginia Tech
Penn State
Arizona State

Potential Cinderella Teams (assuming they win conference tourney):
Weber State
Utah State
North Dakota State
Western Kentucky

Dubz’s Projected Final Four:

North Carolina
Michigan State

National Championship:
Pittsburgh Panthers vs North Carolina Tarheels

2009 NCAA Men’s Basketball National Champions:

The University of Pittsburgh Panthers

Celebrating another championship with a big ass parade in the Steel City!

Also, check out the information below as I will be hosting the First Annual Thunder Treats Bracket Poll. See all the information below for details!

Click on the hot link to join the free 1st Annual Thunder Treats bracket poll, or just go to Yahoo Fantasy Sports, and for the Tournament Pick’Em. The ID# is 29976 and the Password is: thunder

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