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Elvis Has Just Left The Building

May 30, 2009

If you don’t know who Mike Lange then get your act together. Rather then explain how ridiculous he is I suggest you just watch… He brings it strong!

Why Visit Cleveland? Here’s why…

May 29, 2009

These great video’s were brought to my attention by an old roommate and a wise man. Seef aka Buzz. Thanks officer…

A Deserving Rematch.

May 28, 2009

Once again, Thunder Treats expert NHL Hockey Analyst Moose Cerimele will lead us through the NHL Finals…

A Young Sidney Crosby stares up at the camera, wearing a wings jersey, hockey stick in hand and front tooth missing (it was a youth team in Canada he played for as a kid called the red wings, fyi). Wait a second, what is the Pittsburgh Penguins captain doing wearing the jersey of the team which he hopes to defeat as Stanley Cup defenders? Interesting…

Once again, your temporary (until Dilo offers me the full time position) hockey analyst, Tim “Moose” Cerimele is here to voice the Stanley cup finals for 2009. Citizens in eastern Ohio and western Pennsylvania are salivating at their chance for redemption as the Pittsburgh Penguins look to dethrone the Detroit Red Wings in a rematch.
FACT: A Rematch has happened about 11 times prior in the NHL, so not too uncommon, but still exciting.

Recap Pens:
A more mature and experiences Penguins swept the Carolina Hurricanes (2006 Champions) 4-0 in the series as the 2 leading scorers in playoffs, Crosby and Malkin look to back that up. Hey look at it this way, Crosby actually grew a quarter of a beard this year, maybe it’s a sign.
Pens will be fired up for this one but they will be tested by the Wing’s defense, but far the toughest they will face. Will these 2 “rise up” Lebron style or will Detroit contain their stars.

Recap Wings:
The always experienced Wings had no trouble with Chicago as they cruised to a 4-1 series win and into their second consecutive Stanley cup appearance. They are a team who knows what it takes each year, every game, and they never take it for granted. With 3-4 key players injured, including captain and top defenseman Niklas Lidstrom, their depth surely showed in the last 2 games of the Chicago series.

Hot Buttons:
-Watch for Detroit’s Holmstrom to take a beating and cause havoc in front of the Pitt’s net all series.
-If Coach Babcock (Wings) can contain Malkin and Crosby, they are still some of the best passers in the league.
-The Goalies: Osgood and Fleury , both on fire right now, going to make some game-changing saves.
-Hossa: He’s been on a high last couple of games, how will he play against his former team, at home and on the road, after Pen’s fan view his career move to Detroit as utter betrayal. Look for the crowd to “BOOO” every time he touches the puck in Pittsburgh.

My Prediction:
Wings in 6.

Rain Delays Can be Fun…Who Knew?

May 27, 2009

The Uconn and USF baseball teams made the most of the 4 hour rain delay from their game. With the help from the press box dj, these two teams put on a show that was sure to please. I tell you I wouldn’t be as pissed about the rain if I saw this happen.

Happy Day 2055 Browns Fans

May 21, 2009

Since we are on the topic of 2000+ day streaks, lets not forget our beloved 2055 day win streak by the 6 time Superbowl Champion Pittsburgh Steelers over the 0 time Superbowl Champion Cleveland Browns. Over the last 5 plus years, a lot has happened in sports. The Steelers have won 2 Superbowls, Tiger Woods continued to be Tiger, steroids ran wild in Baseball, and still, the Browns haven’t beaten the Steelers. I know all the Cleveland faithful will come out with this one, but lets not forget all of our 2000+ day win streaks in sports!

NBA Playoff Preview: Conference Finals

May 19, 2009

The NBA Conference Finals are upon us, and the match ups keep getting better and better. In the Western Conference, the Denver Nuggets have stormed into the NBA’s Final Four looking like a team that no one wants to play. Their focus, athleticism, and (gasp!) improvements on the defensive end of the floor are paying quality dividends. They find themselves matched up against the Lakers, a team that everyone had picked to get to this point, but who almost saw its Championship aspirations go up in smoke to the injury riddled Houston Rockets. In the East, the Magic are full of confidence and riding high after their triumphant series win at the Garden to defeat the Celtics in seven games. Before this series, 32 teams had gone down 3-2 in a series against the Celtics, and all 32 of them got an early start on their summer vacations. Meanwhile, the Cavs once again haven’t played in what seems like weeks. After sweeping the over matched the Atlanta Hawks in the second round, they have now gone 8-0 this postseason, while extending their NBA playoff record of 8 consecutive wins by double digits. Now, let’s take a closer look at each individual Conference Finals match up.


While the Cavaliers have been playing incredible basketball for the last several months, their last lost with their regular starting lineup came via a 29 point pasting delivered by the Magic in Orlando. And if there is one team in the East that certainly will not be intimidated by playing at the Q in Cleveland, it is the Magic, who have gone 8-3 against the Cavs over the last three seasons. Orlando is a team that lives and dies by the 3 (they’re averaging 24 attempts per game this postseason), and this possesses a unique match up challenge for any team that plays them. When the shots are falling, they can beat any team in any arena; However, when their shots are off, they are closer to an average team, and this makes them susceptible to defeat even on their own home floor. Similarly, the Cavs are definitely going to have some match up problems on the perimeter, as the size of Rashard Lewis and Hedo Turkoglu makes it tough to distract shots simply because of their height. Basically, the game plan for the Cavs to start each game will be a pick-your-poison type scenario: focus on shutting down Dwight Howard in the paint and letting him kick it out to Orlando’s shooters, or focus on defending the perimeter. It’s an interesting dilemma for Cleveland, as their one true weakness is their interior defense. Depending on the Cavs‘ strategy, Superman could be licking his chops. Another thing to keep an eye on in this series is Orlando’s performance in Cleveland. As previously mentioned, their ability to hoist and knock down clutch outside shots means they can win anywhere, and this series could turn if they can steal a game on the road.

From the Cavs perspective, it’s finally time to get off the practice courts and get back to action. The biggest advantage for Cleveland is this series is their experience. Turkoglu and backup point guard Anthony Johnson are the only two Magic players to have even played in a Conference Finals game. And it became pretty clear that Orlando’s lack of deep playoff experience could come into play down the stretch of tight games, as they clearly lost focus during several games against Boston. Focus is the one true constant that the Cavs have shown all year, as they clearly are on a mission to play for the NBA Championship this year, and have been all season. Rust will once again be a worry going into game 1 Wednesday night, as even though it didn’t show in the Atlanta series, coming back after a long stretch off could prove to be a difficult task. However, the rest has probably been extremely beneficial for veterans like Zydrunas Ilgauskas and Ben Wallace. To this point in the playoffs, the Cavs have only played 8 games, where as Orlando has played 13.

This certainly is going to be a very entertaining series, and there are bound to be numerous exciting games and finishes. Orlando certainly will present a unique challenge to the Cavs with their match up complications, but I think that Mike Brown and his coaching staff are going to have some interesting game plans in order to counteract the Magic’s patented inside-out game. Whether you want to believe it a not, experience in the NBA playoffs is monumental. I just feel that the Cavs are on a different level right now than the Magic, and that if games are close down the stretch, Orlando will feel the weight of the world on their shoulders. The Magic win twice, but LeBron isn’t going to let this team lose before getting to the Finals.

Prediction: Cavs in 6


The Lakers just finished playing a scrappy Houston Rockets team that really had no business taking that series past 5 games. Without Tracy McGrady, Dikembe Mutombo, and Yao Ming after game 3, the Lakers let the Rockets hang around. However, Kobe and Co. avoided the monumental upset, and have advanced for a Western showdown vs. the Nuggets. The Lakers still possess probably the biggest collection of overall talent in this year’s playoffs, and are arguably the deepest team as well. The size advantages that Lamar Odom, Andrew Bynum, and Pau Gasol can create on the inside are mind-boggling. Up until this point, the Lakers biggest opponent has been themselves. They have clearly been the better team in the first 2 rounds, but they are about to face their sternest test yet.

The Denver Nuggets are riding high after dispatching the Dirk, Mark Cuban, and the Dallas Mavericks, and they are a team that is quickly becoming the pick of many experts to pull off the series upset. I can’t say enough about what a great player Chauncey Billups truly is, as his influence and leadership on this team from the point guard position has given Carmelo and Kenyon Martin the ability to finally get over their playoff hump. The Nuggets are aiming for their first trip to the Finals in franchise history, and while Billups has a boatload of playoff experience under his belt, the rest of the Nuggets do not. However, they are one the few teams who save enough size inside that they can really disrupt the interior game of the Lakers. Nene and Kenyon Martin will not back down from L.A., and the Birdman off the bench will need to be relied upon to bring a spark for Denver. I think that J.R. Smith will be a big X-factor in this series, as Denver will be counting on his outside shot to keep them afloat in some 4th quarters of this series.

The Nuggets have a very realistic chance of winning this series in 6 games. If the Lakers do not play with the focus they showed in games 5 and 7 against Houston, they will find themselves in a hole. However, I just can’t help but feel that the Lakers find a way to win this thing. The better team almost always wins in a 7 game series, and if this series reaches the decisive 7th game, it’s nearly impossible to bet against Kobe and the Lakers at home.

Prediction: Lakers in 7

2,000 days is a pretty long time…

May 14, 2009

…Although, I bet it seems longer for Michigan fans. 2,000 days, or roughly 5 1/2 years, is the time elapsed since Michigan last beat Ohio State in football. November 22, 2003 was the date of the last Wolverine vitory. With that being said, let’s take a look back at some memorable moments from 2003…

January 2003: OSU over Miami in double overtime for the National Championship (hat tip to Maurice Clarett)
January 2003: The RAIDERS were in the Super Bowl…wow.

April 2003: Mike Weir becomes 1st Canadian to win the Masters. Big W for Canada.

June 2003: King James begins his reign in Cleveland.

July 2003: Kobe Bryant accused of raping a 19 year old hotel employee in Colorado. In 2004, the case would be dropped.

September 2003: Jamal Lewis runs for 295 yards against the Cleveland Browns. Yuck.

October 2003: Yankees lose World Series to Marlins. I personally hate both teams and couldn’t have cared less.

November 2003: Michigan defeats Ohio State, 35-21…Pending a UM drug test for HGH.

December 2003: The world loses Otto Graham, one of the Cleveland Browns all time greats.

So congrats to Classy Jimmy T and The Ohio State Buckeyes. Keep the streak alive!

Hard Hittin Radio

May 12, 2009

Recently I came in contact with former NFL player Mark McMillian and was introduced to his sports radio website called Hard Hittin Radio. Former NFL players Mark McMillian and Byron Evans, along with sidekick Jo Sky host the radio show that broadcasts from the link below. Check out the interviews with current and former NFL players, as well as other sports figures. ThunderTreats is proud to be an affiliate of Hard Hittin Radio and recommends that all our followers check out their site and radio show.

Then vs Now

May 11, 2009

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! It feels good to be back with Thunder Nation. It was dark and lonely for a while but now I am back and ready to bring it for all those fans out there. I Turned 25 a few weeks ago and with that I realized just how much my life has changed. I think back to the “Good Ole Days” when I didn’t have a care in the world and the most difficult decision I made was whether to play Nintendo or Sega. I have decided to look back on my life as it was 10 years ago when I was a Sophomore in High School and compare those days to my life currently as a semi-full time employee in the real world working for a Fortune 500 company. Let the comparisons begin:
In the fall of 1999 my high school football team became the 1st team in the history of Ohio high school football to finish a season 15-0 State Champs. In the fall of 2008 my flag football team made a run at the YFFA title. We came up short. Nuff Said. The only similarity is that we got together after games and bullshitted about the plays we made over some ice cold Bud Lights.
I didn’t have a real job when I was 15. My only job was to make sure I showed up to every practice and games on time. I would never had allowed a job to get in the way of playing sports. In contrast, as I am typing this, I am stuck at work while my co-ed softball team tries to get another W. It pains me to miss the game.
When I was 15, I used to log onto the computer, sign into AOL, and chat with my friends. Nowadays, I hit up my boys using BBM on my Blackberry. And speaking of crackberries, these days my phone never leaves my pocket and every person I know over the age of 12 has a phone. Ten years ago, my dad had a car phone that I thought was the coolest thing in the world.

Today I have debt that feels like it will never go away. At 15, I had an allowance.
These days I wear Seven jeans. Back in the day, Lee Pipes.
Today, slacks and a shirt with a collar to work everyday. 1999, sweatpants and t-shirt EVERYDAY!

I could go on for days. I encourage everyone who reads this to contribute a thought about who, what, when, where or how changed things have been in your life from 10 years ago.

Thunder Treats HOTegories

May 8, 2009

After extensive research and much studying, I have come up with what I can only describe as five types of hot. Women, for as long as anyone can remember, have been referred to as “hot” as a way of describing their beauty. I started to think about different women who I believe to be hot and realized that some of them, though all hot, are on a different level. This is what led me to HOTegorize the hotness of women. I have trimmed the types into 5 different HOTegories.

1. Hot Hot
2. Mean Hot
3. Plain Hot
4. Crazy Hot
5. Stupid Hot

Hot Hot
The first HOTegory will be referred to as “Hot Hot”. This type is reserved for quintessential smoke face. This is the babe that electrifies a party AND your pants. She is the one causing whip lash when walking down the street. She has also been known to get drinks for free, cause car accidents and make men do ridiculously stupid things to prove themselves. Babes in the “Hot Hot” HOTegory will also tend to lean toward the “pooped out” type of guy. By this I mean the guy wearing a visor, gelled hair, popped collar on his pink shirt and normally patchwork shorts or maybe he is one of the d-bags wearing a fishnet hat with multiple do-rags underneath while lifting at the gym.

Prime Examples of Hot-Hot:

Jessica Alba

Marisa Miller

Aishwarya Rai

Mean Hot
This HOTegory is great. Anyone looking for a babe that will take control and will probably be a bit of a challenge, this is where you will want to look. This is the type of babe that will usually have the darker hair and maybe look a little pissed off all the time. She will have tattoos and might be labeled a badass while actually showing her badass. She will order shots for you and her to take, then call you a pussy when you make a face and say “151?!?” She will probably use the f-word more than you and it will be a total turn on. She will be more open to sex in public and probably junk punch you if you break up with her. These hotties will lean more toward the meat head inked up type of guy. Always funny to catch the mean hot babe screaming at the 6’4” guy that has no neck and military presses a 1993 Chevy Astro Van.

Prime Examples of Mean Hot:

Megan Fox

Angelina Jolie


Plain Hot
This is my type of HOTegory. This is for the normal, well kept, church going dime that lives at the end the street. If you’re not trying to figure out which do-rags look better with your new Ed Hardy t-shirt or you not busy clean lifting conversion vans, this is the HOTegory you will like. These babes are extremely good looking, but don’t go out of their way to show it off. They most likely love country music and often are seen wearing pearls (i.e. southern belles). They don’t have extravagant makeup or dresses. They just do what they do and it works for them. These dime pieces will get any guy they want because they basically know whether or not you’re a d-bag by just looking at you. You can’t fool these hotties and these are the ones you can bring home to Mom.

Prime Examples of Plain Hot:

Mary Louise Parker (winner of 2009 Cougar Madness)

Kristin Stewart

Zooey Deschanel

Crazy Hot
This babe might be bat shit crazy, but it’s almost as if her looks outweigh her chemical imbalance. Think of Isla Fisher in Wedding Crashers. Sure, she was fit for a straight jacket, but she was a babe none the less. This chick usually dates off the wall guys. One week you see her with a no name douche of a back up dancer and then next she is dating a mangirl. These foxes are loose cannons but most men will, for reasons yet unknown, throw away their inhibitions and go for it. They will tend to do things in a crazy manner and probably have more DUI’s than anyone you know. They love that nose candy almost as much as their alcohol and can do more lines than an amusement park. They love the Panama City license plate, a.k.a. the tramp stamp, and they can more than likely party longer and harder than you.

Prime Examples of Crazy Hot(Click their names for reasoning):

Britney Spears

Lindsay Lohan

Mary Kate Olsen

Stupid Hot
This brings me to my last Hotegory, Stupid Hot. This smoke face has the “little miss innocent” personality but is, in fact, dumber than a stump. You can hit on this girl in a bar and actually feel dumber by the end of the conversation. Men, once again, will throw away their logical way of thinking and try to have a relationship with these women only to find out that their stupidity will be a problem. The relationship will run on the recent news of what’s happening on “The Hills” or “Gossip Girl”. The only time that this is acceptable is in a relationship with a dime from the Hot-Hot or Plain-Hot Hotegories. Don’t worry about Mean Hot liking it because she would probably drag LC or Blake (schwing) Lively through the streets by their hair…for fun. The only guy capable of having a relationship with one of these girls has to be equally brain dead.

Prime Examples of Stupid Hot:

Jessica Simpson

Paris Hilton

Caitlin Upton (Miss South Carolina)

I know this just scrapes the surface of HOTegories and we will do our best to continue to come up with more. This will be the first installment of Thunder Treats HOTegories. If you have a HOTegory you deem worthy, please do not hesitate to let us know via email or with a comment…