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Hump Day Hottie: Amanda Righetti

June 30, 2009

This week’s edition of Thunder Treats Hump Day Hottie brings us back to the “under the radar” section of hotties. This babe is a product of a Vegas raising and was in the movie “Role Models”. You may remember her from the scene at Sturdy Wings when she tells Wheeler (Sean William Scott) that she is engaged and he replies by telling her he has a boner. Or maybe you remember her from the morning scene at the camping trip where she is topless. I would say most remember the latter. She is also on The Mentalist and played Hailey Nichol on Fox’s The O.C. I hope you enjoy Amanda Righetti as much as we do…

Dan Patrick > Colin Cowherd

June 30, 2009

Years ago, I made the life changing decision to only listen to sports talk radio while in the car. Gone were the days of rolling down the windows and blasting the hottest music in hopes of catching the eye of some impressionable freshmen. It was time I started listening to man radio – sports talk radio. When I first let my fingers take a stroll along the radio dial and drift away from the friendly sounds of Hot 101.1 FM, the AM world was scary and confusing. I quickly located ESPN radio and didn’t move the dial. I would start every morning with a serving of Mike & Mike in the Morning and follow it up with The Herd with Colin Cowherd around lunchtime. I thought both shows were great, but I really looked forward to The Herd. It was opinionated and in your face radio, which I liked because most of the time I agreed with him. I thought he was funny, saying things like “I would punch him in the neck” and he made stupid bets that included him getting a tattoo. Then I moved out west and due to the time difference, The Herd became my morning commute ritual. My man crush on Cowherd continued to grow and I eventually started listening to him at work. But then a couple of months ago, I started to really dislike Cowherd. I came to my senses and realized that I disagreed with a majority of his opinions, his guests sucked (see Steve Garvey yesterday and Ellis Hobbs today) and his in your face style started sounding like he was always whining about something. I guess part of it is not his fault – he is forced to tow the company line and have at least one guest per day from the ESPN payroll (see Peter Gammons yesterday, Keith Law today) and his time slot is 9 hours long, but it still does not excuse his suckiness. I soon realized my relationship with Cowherd was unhealthy. Kind of like the relationship most guys have with the first girl that touched their wiener – they think she is the greatest girl ever until they get a second girl to touch their pee pee and suddenly life is full of choices. For me, that second girl was Dan Patrick. In Vegas, the DP Show is in the same time slot as Cowherd, but on the Fox affiliate. I started listening to DP when Cowherd went to commercials on my morning commute to work. I found the DP Show to be clever and funny and I like DP’s interviewing style – i.e not afraid to go right at one of his guests and ask some difficult questions. I am also smitten with Patrick because he has a tendency to bash “The Mothership” (ESPN) every once in a while. I am now exclusively listening to DP in the mornings and I think you should give it a try as well. If you are a regular Cowherd listener, substitute the DP Show for a week and let me know what you think. It could change your life – or it could leave you trying to reconnect with girl #1.

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June 30, 2009

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Welcome Home Shaq Diesel

June 29, 2009

This is a guest post written by Big Joe from Youngstown, Ohio…

This past Thursday the Cleveland Cavaliers acquired a legendary Big Man, undoubtedly not what he once was, and in the later part of his career. Referred to as The Diesel, The Big Aristotle, Shaq-fu, and the most recognizable of names Shaq, will provide the CAVS with something they lacked in the 2009 NBA Playoffs, a guy who can defend low post players one-on-one.

The 2009 playoffs ended at the hands of the Orlando Magic, whom the CAVS seemed to have trouble defending, and could not fend off to propel them to the NBA Championship. The CAVS struggled defending the low-post, and Dwight Howard. Howard’s size and athleticism, along with his ability to distribute the ball out of the post, when doubled, created problems for the CAVS. The CAVS elected to double him when he would get the ball, and very rarely did he force up shots, but rather would kick the ball out, causing CAVS defenders to have rotate, allowing Orlando to swing the ball around the perimeter and find an open shooter out from their arsenal. This led to the Magic making 62 3’s in the series an average of over 10 a game. When the CAVS decided the double team wasn’t going to work, they elected to defend him one-on-one and he burned them, either by scoring in the low-post or drawing a foul. The Diesel, goes 7’1”, 325 pounds, and will provide the CAVS with the post presence to defend Dwight Howard and other Center’s in the league one-on-one. This addition allows their wing players and guards to not have to help down as much, allowing opposing shooters less open looks, resulting in more contested and forced shots for a defense which was already the top defensive unit, allowing an average of 91.4 points per game, and holding opponents to 43.1% from the field and 33.3% from behind the arc, in 2009 regular season.

Shaq provides the CAVS with a big addition in the middle, the physical presence necessary to allow them to make a run at the NBA Championship in the 2009-2010 season. The Big Fellow also packs a punch offensively, averaging 17.8 points and 8.4 rebounds per game with the Phoenix Suns in the 2008-2009 season. Along with his physical attributes and statistics, Shaquille O’Neal brings a bunch of experience with him to Cleveland, and 4 NBA Championships. In search of his 5th ring, Shaq was brought in to assist Lebron James in providing the city of Cleveland something it has been without since 1954, a professional sports championship.

The move allows the Cavaliers to remain in the same financial condition at years end, allowing them the same flexibility they would have had holding onto the 2 expiring contractors used to acquire Shaq. The risk the CAVS took was low, trading two players, both of which played minor roles in last season’s playoffs, and providing a ceiling if Shaq can stay healthy, for the CAVS to bring home their 1st Championship.

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June 26, 2009

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Facial Hair… There Ain’t Nothin Wrong With That! Part Deux

June 25, 2009

Not to long ago I posted about professional athletes and the wigs they sport on their faces. In my last post I broke things down in to 4 categories; Best Dick Broom (Moustache), Best Chin Scarf (Goatee), Best Flavor Saver (Fu Manchu), and Best Pussy Tickler (Beard). In this installment of Facial Hair… There Ain’t Nothing Wrong With That! Part Duex we will be bringing a top 10 of all top 10’s. One with images so great they will smack you in the face and take your lunch money before you know what happened. Without further adieu Thunder Treats presents the Top 10 Face Rugs you Wish you could grow!

10 – Mike Commodore

9 – Jim Neidhart

8 – Artis Gilmore

7 – Al Hrabosky

6 – Scott Player

5 – Alexi Lalas

4 – Dennis Eckersley

3 – Glenn Hubbard

2 – Walt Frazier

1 – Rollie Finers

Coach Ed Thomas

June 25, 2009

I have zero respect for anyone who willingly takes another persons life. If you start to think about how much better off you would be by killing someone, do us all a favor and off yourself because, lets be honest, no one probably likes you because you are a creep and borderline psychotic. With that being said, the sports world lost a great coach and an even better man today. Iowa’s Aplington-Parkersburg High School Football coach/Atheltic Director Ed Thomas was gunned downed by a former player of his in the weightroom during off season workouts. Other players were present when the psycho gunned down the coach, but none were hurt. The gunmen was 24 year old Mark Becker. Becker was arrested in his parents driveway shortly after the shooting. This all seems like a fail on the police departments part. Becker apparently led police on a high speed chase last Saturday and was supposed to be admitted to the pyshciatric ward (shocking) there after. Some how that didn’t happen. How is it possible to lead police on a car chase on Saturday and be free and able to obtain a gun four days later?!?
Coach Thomas was more than a high school football coach. He was a beacon of light for his community during its hard times. The first time I heard of Coach Thomas was when ESPN did a special on how he was putting his town back together in Sept 2008 after a deadly tornado ripped through it. Many people looked up to him, especially the four current NFL players that had played for him; Green Bay Packers Linebacker Aaron Kampman, Jacksonville Jaguars center Brad Meester, Detroit Lions defensive end Jared DeVries, and Denver Broncos center Casey Wiegmann. Perhaps Kampman said it best during an interview with AP writer Nigel Duara:

“Coach Thomas was very special to me and many other young men from the Aplington-Parkersburg communities, his legacy for many will be associated with his tremendous success as a football coach. However, I believe his greatest legacy comes not in how many football games he won or lost but in the fact that he was a committed follower of Jesus Christ.”

The world didn’t just lose a coach, they lost a father, a mentor and a role model. Rest in Peace Ed Thomas…

All Star or All Bust?

June 24, 2009

The NBA draft is finally upon us. This is one event I enjoy just as much if not more than the NFL draft. I was going to do a mock draft but thought there’s too many of those out there. Instead I decided to try to foresee the future for some of the top players in the draft. Which players are going to be a bust and which players will be our future stars.

B. Griffin, Oklahoma –
Is the one player you can’t go wrong drafting he will be an impact player right from the start, but for him to become a star in the league he has to develop a face up game and a jump shot.
Prediction: Give him 3-4 years before he becomes an All Star.

H. Thabeet, University of Connecticut –
This 7”3 monster was a force at UConn. In the NBA I see him being on a few posters but on the wrong side of things. I think he will be a good shot blocker and a nice big to have. Prediction: Not a bust and not an All Star. Maybe he gets in once or twice because of the lack of true centers in the NBA.

R. Rubio, Spain – Wow do I love this kid’s game. He reminds me of Pistol Pete, a high energy player with a high IQ for the game. Rubio will be a star in league because the way he plays the game. The only question is whether or not that play will lead him to become an All Star. Prediction: I think so but down the line after 5-6 years.

S. Curry, Davidson –
He dominated the mid major conference scoring whenever he felt like it. Like Rubio, Curry has a high IQ for the game. However Curry is not a true PG and does not have the size to play the 2. He will find himself on the court this year but will struggle with the size of the NBA players.
Prediction: I hate to say it because I like Curry and want him to succeed in the NBA but he’s going to be my first bust.

B.J Mullens, The Ohio State University –
A underachiever while a buckeye. However not completely his fault, OSU did not have a true PG and never gave this guy the ball in the post. He has good foot work and a nice touch, with the right coaching he could develop into a double double guy.
Prediction: Mullens was a bust at OSU and will be just another average big man in the NBA, bust.

E. Maynor, VCU –
Maynor is probably the most complete point guard in the draft. He averaged 22.4 points, 6.2 assists, 3.6 rebounds and 1.7 steals per game last year, and projects as being drafted anywhere from 14-23.
Prediction: My dark horse on becoming a star in the league.

T. Hansbrough, University of North Carolina –
One word comes to mind, intensity! Any NBA team should love to have a player like him on the floor. He’s going to do all the little things, rebound, take charges, hustle plays mainly. But don’t sleep on his offensive game. The guy can score, just check out the record books if you need proof. The knock on him is that he does not have the size or athleticism that you need to make it in the NBA.
Prediction: Will have a long career with some great moments but never making an All Star team.

T. Lawson, University of North Carolina –
This draft is loaded with PG. Any team that’s looking to run should draft this guy. Lawson pushes the pace better then any point guard in the draft. He know how to run a team, he can shoot the ball or take it to the whole and draw the foul. Lawson’s a smaller PG standing at a whopping 6 foot which can make him a liability on the defensive end. Prediction: Will develop into a starting PG in the league but no All Star games for him.

B. Jennings, Italy –
Jennings is most explosive PG in the draft. Has unbelievable speed and can create shots for himself and everybody else. At 6”2 170 he has great size for a PG but needs to get in the weight room and bulk up a little. He loves to push the ball and can see the floor very well. Don’t’ be surprised if he makes a few top ten lists for dunking on people because he can jump out the gym.
Prediction: Eventually will be an All Star in the league. Needs to develop a better jump shot and bulk up.

D. Blair, Pittsburgh-
The beast of the east, this man owns the painted area. His 12.2 rebounds per game led the big east this season and the game he had against the projected number two overall pick Thabeet, proved that his strength and 7’3 wingspan can offset his 6’6 frame. The NBA has been lacking on players like Blair. Today’s NBA game is more of the European style game. I like Blair to bring back some of the physical play the NBA has been going away from.
Prediction: If he can control his weight and develop a nice jump shot (like Big Baby has) he can be a high impact player and an enforcer in the painted area. I like Blair to make an All Star team in the future.

Hump Day Hottie: Stacey Dash

June 24, 2009

This week’s Hump Day Hottie made her premier on Thunder Treats during our Cougar Madness Tournament in March. You may remember Stacey Dash as Dionne from the movie Clueless. I personally think that she has gotten better with age. At 43 years old, she is hotter now than ever. A special thanks goes out to J. Mummey in Pittsburgh, PA for recommending Stacey as our Hump Day Hottie. Another thanks goes out to Stacey herself for helping us get through the week.

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June 24, 2009

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