Top 5 Wedding Dances

Around this time next week, I will be in Ohio to witness Thunder Treats very own Jack Potts take an incredibly high dive into the pool stupidity. That pool would be marriage. Borrowing a term from Jack Potts himself..”At least he’s not gay”. Since you can never really stop your bro from doing the inevitable, the next best thing is to at least have a good time at the reception. I can usually do this by consuming an amount of alcohol that would make frat boys cry and subsequently doing the worm. With that said, maybe I have been missing the whole point. Maybe I could slow the bleeding with a nice rendition of a choreographed song and dance? These are Thunder Treats suggestions for the happy couple and their wedding party…

We are playin with you Potts! Thunder Treats congratulates Jack and Flower Potts on there upcoming nuptials!!

Probably one of my all time favorites for anything. Jamming, Kareoke, Weddings, Funerals…Vanilla Ice has plenty of uses…

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