Tuesday’s Thunder Links

These Links Bring the Thunder…

Erin Andrews in GQ [Gunaxin]
The Jets Hire a Tweeting Expert [Awful Announcing]
Heidi Montag gets Naked (Sort of, Not Really) for Playboy [Bro Bible]
McNabb Eyeing Plaxico [Fan Nation]
iPhone Shooting Leaves Dozens Virtually Injured [Blog of Hilarity]
If Michael Vick Had a Comic [Holy Taco]
Manship and Fister [More Hardball]
According to Bobby Bowden, Tim Tebow Ain’t No Charlie Ward [No Guts, No Glory]
Brett Favre’s Return Not a Victimless Crime [Friends of the Program]
It’s Worse Than we Thought [Rumors and Rants]
25 Bad Ass Gangster Babies [Manofest]
Tom Cable Punched Randy Hanson Shortly After Seeing this Photo [The Sports Hernia]
The Complex.com’s Rapper Soundboard [Tirico Suave]
Thigh of the Week: Cheryl Cole [Sharapova’s Thigh]
Irvin to Compete on Dancing With the Stars [Eat Drink and Sleep Football]

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