Friday’s Thunder Links

These Links bring the Thunder…
Dave and Ryan’s “Waking Up a Viking Parody”, Hilarious [via Hot Clicks]
T.O. Leaks Maybin Signing [Fan Nation]
Not Again Jamele! [Awful Announcing]
Gambling on Baseball [More Hardball]
25 Awesome Protest Signs [Holy Taco]
A Big “Child Please” to People Talking Maria Sharapova Retirement [Sharapova’s Thigh]
Plaxico Buress Pleads Guilty, Gets 2 Years in Prison [Bro Bible]
Mario Chalmers, NCAA Hero of the Decade [Rumors and Rants]
NFL to Sell Customizable Vick Dog Jerseys [No Guts, No Glory]
The Top 10 Must Haves for Every Off Campus College House [Bro Bible]
Bikini Rage!!! [Blog of Hilarity]
Chad OchoCinco Kicks Extra Point [Friends of the Program]
Britney Spears is Basically Advertising her F-ability [Blog of Hilarity]

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