Thursday’s Thunder Links

These links bring the Thunder…

Megan Fox to Star as “Catwomen” in Next Batman Movie [BroBible]
Top 5 NBA Moves of the 2009 Offseason [Hit the Boards]
Jones: Titans Punter Aimed at Video Board [Fan Nation]
Billie Gillespie Arrested for DUI [No Guts, No Glory]
Hardball Heroes: Orel Hershiser [More Hardball]
Afternoon Ballgames in Cincinnati are Still Immensely Popular [Tirico Suave]
Rick Pitino Officially Aging in Kramer Cigar Room Years [The Sports Hernia]
The Man’s Hump Day Cocktail [Manofest]
Thigh of the Week: Jessica Gomes [Sharapova’s Thigh]
The Best Players Currently Wearing Each Number 0-99 [Rumors and Rants]
10 Awesome Movies to get into a Girls Pants [Blog Of Hilarity]
Your NFL Week 1 Regular Season Announcing Schedule [Awful Announcing]
25 Reasons to Stop Using a Condom [Holy Taco]

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