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Week 3 NFL Pick Em Results

September 30, 2009

Well the results this week look a lot better than the horrible week we all had in week 2. Sahli crushed his picks this week to come in at 13-3 and takes the overall lead at 34-14. Yours truely is holding up the caboose 3 games behind at 31-17. Here is the results from the ESPN “expert” analysts week 3 pickem. As you can see, Sahli is right up there with them and only trails Mort and Schefter. Check back Friday for our week 4 picks!

Hump Day Hottie: Adrianne Palicki

September 30, 2009

This weeks Mericoles Mamacita is Adrianne Palicki. She may be better known as Tyra Collete from Friday Night Lights. That’s right, there is more to Friday Night Lights than the absolutely smokey Minka Kelly. Don’t get me wrong, Minka could have been the HDH, but we like to expose the babes that are more under the radar and aren’t getting their rightful attention. And besides, Minka isn’t having a probelm with face time thanks to Jimmy Traina and Hot Clicks. I selected Adrianne this week because we have started watching the seasons of Friday Night Lights, beginning with season 1, just to get prepared for the October 28th premier (DirecTV only). She is originally from Toledo, Ohio, which also helped her get selected seeing as how every author from Thunder Treats is originally from the Buckeye state. She moved out to LA after graduating high school to pursue acting and the rest, as they say, is history. Hat tip to Ms. Palicki for being named this weeks Hump Day Hottie.

Oh, Adrianne, I still haven’t heard back from Jana Kramer about a date, so I’m moving the offer to you…just throwing that out there…call me. More Adrianne after the jump!

Training Camp…Engage

September 29, 2009

NBA teams are starting up their training camps this week and I think I can speak for all Cleveland fans when I say THANK GOD. Reason being is that it seems the abysmal Browns and Indians have been playing for the #1 overall pick in their respective drafts. I am looking forward to seeing how the Cavaliers respond to one of the best seasons in franchise history. I am also looking to see how they respond to Big Shaq Diesel entering the lineup. Have a good camp guys, and hurry up with the season already. This video should get everyone overly excited for the upcoming season.

Terrell Owens vs. Rodney Harrison

September 28, 2009

T.O. is not one of my favorite athletes ever, but I like him a whole lot better than Rodney Harrison. T.O. took to twitter to lash out at Harrison’s comments about his no-catch performance against the Saints. Harrison called T.O. a “Clown” and said that he was “more concerned with his own stats, rather than the teams”. T.O. responded to these statements via twitter. Clearly there is going to be more outbursts by both parties because neither one will let the other get the best of them. Owens has to focus on football and Harrison needs to realize he isn’t playing anymore. He also has to realize that his comments will weigh a lot more heavier on his job than T.O.’s. I wouldn’t be surprised if Owens is reprimanded for his tweets and Harrison is told to cool it at NBC.

NFL Week 3 Pick Em

September 26, 2009

Week 3 looms around the corner with some interesting games this weekend. Some teams sit at 0-2 that were thought to be 2-0, while the same came be said for a few of the 2-0 teams we have. Here are the Week 3 Thunder Treats NFL picks, as well as a link to the ESPN expert picks.

Thursday’s Thunder Links

September 24, 2009

These links bring the Thunder…

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Hump Day Hottie: Diora Baird

September 23, 2009

This week’s slice of Smokeface pie is model/actress Diora Baird. Diora is 26 and originally from Miami but moved to LA LA Land when she was 17 to pursue acting. Lucky for us. When she first arrived in LA she had to have side jobs while trying to find work as an actress. Care to guess what one of her side jobs was? Go ahead, I’ll wait…still waiting…give up? She was a clown! For some reason I get the picture of the clown in Entourage when he is trying to give Ari Gold his reel. Anyway, she has been on the cover of Playboy as well as multiple shoots for FHM and Maxim. We saw her in Wedding Crashers as well as Accepted. She most recently was in Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Begninning. Join me in congratulating Diora on this fine accomplishment. She will most definitely fit in with our past Hump Day Hotties. Enjoy more Diora after the jump…

Week 2 NFL Pick Em Results

September 22, 2009

Much like most of the games of week 2, our picks sucked. Alot of the games didn’t turn out the way everyone expected, which is shown in our week 2 paltry winning score of 9-7 by Sahli and So Cal Shredder. All of the authors at Thunder Treats have a 21-11 record through 2 weeks this year, except for myself coming in at 20-12. So far this year, we are trailing most of the analysts at ESPN. ESPN Expert Picks. Somehow Chris Mortensen went 11-5 last week but in all fairness, he has an advantage because everyone else didn’t have a 24 day NFL training camp tour to get all the inside information. Look at the bright side, Jaws joins us in the basement at 19-11, but don’t forget he doesn’t pick Monday Night Football since he does call the games. Check back on Friday for our Week 3 picks.

NFL Week 2 Pick Em

September 18, 2009

After 1 week, Dilo and JEB are in a tie for first place at 13-3. We got some exciting games on the schedule this weekend and it should provide some good excitement along the way. I will be traveling to Chicago this weekend for the Steelers vs Bears game so check back next week for the final results of our week 2 pick em!

Before the Monarchs, Before the Trojans…The Little Giants

September 17, 2009

I know most people think that Matt Barkley began his football career in Southern California as the quarterback for the Monarchs of Mater Dei High School. Not true. Thunder Treats believes that Barkley actually started his football career under the alias Junior Floyd. He was the strong armed quarterback for the Little Giants in the small town of Urbania, Ohio. On his only known game footage, it appears they are playing the Cowboys. The footage shows that the Giants had a goal line stand in the final seconds with the game tied at 21 a piece. Then, in one of the most amazing plays in football history, Barkley helped orchestrate the famous “Fumblerooski” play for a 99 yard touchdown to win the game. Post game interviews revealed the play call was for the “Annexation of Puerto Rico”. I think it is also safe to say that Barkley has moved up in the dating pool from the likes of Becky “The Icebox” O’Shea.