Enemy of the Month: Braylon Edwards

The month of October brings to Thunder Treats yet another Enemy of the Month. The Enemy this month will be none other than Cleveland Browns wide receiver, Braylon Edwards. This sounds redundant doesn’t it? I know what you asking yourself..”but DiLo, wasn’t there already a player from the Browns wide receiving core that was Enemy of the Month?” Your damn right there was and if these boneheads continue to act like teenagers, then they will continue to be the EOTM. Edwards is receiving this award because of his actions late Sunday/early Monday when he struck Edward Givens in the face during an argument. I guess Braylon felt since he didn’t use his hands on Sunday during the game (or for much of the season for that matter) that he would use them to inflict pain and injury on an innocent person. That person happens to be friends with Lebron and if there is one thing that you DO NOT DO in Cleveland, that is piss off Lebron. I hope you catch a lot of heat for this Braylon, because Lord knows you can’t catch anything else…Bozo.

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