Top 10 Quotes from #33 Tim Riggins

Next week on Wednesday the 28th, those of us lucky enough to have DirecTV will be able to indulge in the season 4 premier of Friday Night Lights. If you have never seen FNL, leave and never come back to Thunder Treats, we don’t want your kind around here anyway. For those of you not lucky enough to have DirecTV, you will have to wait until the spring to see it on NBC. Sorry, I know, life’s not fair. I would have to say that the person I look forward to hearing from each week would have to be the Fullback turned Running Back Tim Riggin’s. Tim some how manages to piss someone off every episode and it is usually hysterical. He looks like he is about 25 and in high school and you would half expect to see him drinking and playing Texas Hold ‘Em instead of playing football. In honor of 3-3 and the premier coming up, we put together a list of the best lines from the 3 previous seasons from Tim Riggin’s. Enjoy…

10.) Tim talking to new freshman QB J.D. McCoy on the bus before a game…

“I’ll tell ya what, you know what’s good before a game? Getting laid…A LOT…know what I mean?”

9.) Jason Street asks Tim how he got out of school…

JS: “How’d you get out of school, you write a sick note?”
TR: “No, I told em I was pregnant and I just needed a few days to relax”

8.) After Tim skips practice for a week to go to Mexico, he has to apologize to the team…

“Ya know, to be honest, I just know you try to sleep with a lot of girls that I’ve previously slept with, so I just left town for a bit to give you a break…7, you lose that virginity yet? I, uh, I apologize to everyone here…and if you can find it within yourselves to let me make it up to you in the showers, I’d appreciate it…”

7.) Tim quizzing the JV guys on what to do in a game situation…

“Too late, play’s over. You waited too long to make a decision. Now we lost the game because of you, now we’re not going to state, and now the whole town of Dillon hates you and you’re never going to get laid. FACT.”

6.) Tim talking to bullies on the playground, these kids were barely in 3rd grade…

“If I ever so much see you look at this kid the wrong way, I’m gonna find you, and I’m gonna punch a hole in your chest and rip your heart out.”

5.) Tim talking to his neighbor that he used to bang, then Billy his brother starting banging.

“Hey, ya know, if ya wanna finish that Riggin’s trifecta, I think my dad lives in Corpus still, I can probably give you his address…”

4.) Tim’s brilliant comment during the “Panther Roast” in front of the whole town…

“Hey, uh, How about Saracen sleeping with the coach’s daughter?”

3.) Tim see’s Matt while they are both skipping school…

Tim: “I always skip Wednesdays..”
Matt: “What are you gonna do?”
Tim: “I was thinkin hit the museum, yoga, library for a bit…then again, I might just do the usual….wanna go for a beer?”

2.) Riggin’s being interviewed by the media, before the first season…

“That’s not racism man, I just don’t like him. He can be from Saudia Arabia or Sweden or Czech. That dude can be Santa Claus and I still won’t like him.”

1.) Lyla talking to Tim about religion…

Lyla: “I was baptised yesterday and accepted Jesus as my lord and savior. What have you done recently Tim?”
Tim: “I am a 3-way with the Straton sisters.”

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