Deputy Shaq Diesel?

It seems as though Shaquille O’Neal plans on protecting more than just LeBron James during his tenure in Cleveland. As you are reading this,the Ohio Peace Officers Training Academy is reviewing Shaq’s application to determine whether or not he is eligible to carry a handgun and a Deputies badge. While Shaq has done this is Florida, Arizona and Virginia he would still, upon approval of his application, need to complete 36 hours of training, pass a test on the shooting range and take the Ohio Police Exam. If he completes all of the necessary requirements, the Big Aristotle will not only be able to carry a gun, but also make arrests. Shaq’s interest is in Ohio Internet Crimes Against Children where he would hunt online child predators. This would be a touch more scary for the predator than, say, Chris Hansen from NBC Dateline’s “To Catch a Predator” catching you. I say congrats to Shaq and good luck on being deputized. On the other hand, I say “look out” to certain guitar case wielding guard that shall go unnamed on Thunder Treats…

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