Just when you thought the Buckeyes couldn’t get any sweeter

There has been plenty of rumors floating around Buckeye country of new uniforms made by Nike for one of their three remaining games in November. It became official this afternoon when it was announced the Buckeyes will wear alternate uniforms with its showdown with Michigan November 21, 2009. The Ohio State University released this statement today.

Via OhioStateBuckeyes.com

One-time homage to be paid to 1954 national champions

COLUMBUS, Ohio – A statement from Ohio State director of athletics Gene Smith:“During spring, 2009, Ohio State was invited by Nike to participate in its Rivalry uniform program with several other universities from around the nation. They offered us a chance to try a new uniform product featuring cutting-edge fabrics and technology; participation in the program also offered us a one-time opportunity to salute one of those great championship teams that have built the Ohio State football tradition.“Our coaches and players were excited to see the different elements Nike presented in the prototype designs and samples. The uniform elements are still in production, and we are extremely eager to see the finished product when it arrives.“For this special program, we chose to recognize the achievements of our undefeated 1954 national championship team, winning the Big Ten title outright before capturing a Rose Bowl victory. These great Buckeyes celebrated their 55th anniversary with us at the Minnesota game, and this is another way for us to pay homage to their stellar achievements.“Our fans will be able to get the first look at these unique uniforms on Sunday, Nov. 15, when we will share photos of the finished product on our website OhioStateBuckeyes.com. Fans can also take a look at the actual uniform up close that week in our official Team Shop in the Schottenstein Center. And our team will wear these custom designs when the Buckeyes take the field Nov. 21 up north in Ann Arbor.“Again, this is a one-time opportunity to honor a great championship team. We have no plans to make any changes to the traditional Buckeye uniform for the foreseeable future.”

LIVE UPDATE 11/6/2009 12:06 PM PT

Ohio State’s “Throwback” jerseys for their annual matchup with Michigan have been revealed! You can see them here: Sportsbybrooks.com

3 Responses to “Just when you thought the Buckeyes couldn’t get any sweeter”

  1. Jake Says:

    Penn State BABY!! hand the bucknuts their 3rd loss and take the big ten title while you're at it…. also, go blue on Nov 21st… hand the bucknuts their 4th loss!!!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    people only hate you when your good… GO BUCKEYES

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Good? or win the big ten by default every year? I think Cincy is "Ohio's new team"!!!

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