UT football players suspected in armed robbery – Update 11/13 2:24PM PT

Looks like the SEC is literally a free-for-all. Three Tennessee football players were arrested this morning and are suspects in a local armed robbery. Nu’Keese Richardson, Janzen Jackson and Mike Edwards are the three players in question. Both Richardson and Jackson were big time wide receiver recruits that Vols fans had high hopes for, Edwards is freshman defensive back out of Cleveland, Ohio. Unfortunately it looks like Coach Kiffin will need to start coming to practice strapped… atleast his wife is still dynamite! The full article on the arrests can be found here.

The Tennessee Volunteers have decided to suspend the three freshman involved in the incident for one game vs. Mississippi. Looks like another harsh and steep punishment from the Vols and the SEC. This suspension comes on the heels of Florida’s suspension of Brandon Spikes that somewhat resembled putting a child in the corner for 10 minutes. You cannot teach a player that it is a privelige to play college ball and not a right with meaningless suspensions. Someone needs to re-set the precident and make these players responsible for their actions. 1 GAME for ATTEMPTED ARMED ROBBERY! Does anyone else see a discrepancy here? Normal charges in his situation would be probation or a couple years in prison. Prison people. And they are going to just slap them on the wrist and say “baaaaad Volunteer”? What a joke. Keep it classy down there in the south!

2 Responses to “UT football players suspected in armed robbery – Update 11/13 2:24PM PT”

  1. Louie D Says:

    "who got snaps on the petro" Love that movie!

  2. Sir Dubz Says:

    I agree that is a joke. Should be suspended for the rest of the year and kicked off the team if they are found guilty in court.

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