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Thunder Links

July 16, 2009

These links bring the Thunder…

NFL Network Set to Air Every Preseason Game [Awful Announcing]
Old Man Sexually Assaulted by Female Gang [Blog of Hilarity]
The Fat 5: The Most Gloriously Rotund Coaches in College Football [Bro Bible]
We Don’t All Live in Our Parents Basements [Friends of the Program]
Are the 49ers Trying to be Like the Cowboys [Fan Nation]
Smokin’ Hot Chicks: A Gallery [Holy Taco]
30 Babies Caught Drinking Beer [Manofest]
Better Flip Off? Megan Fox or Mike Dikta [Sharapova’s Thigh]
Can’t Hit A Bull in the Ass with a Shovel [Rumors and Rants]
Mayfield Still Using Meth [No Guts, No Glory]
All Star Game Feats and Firsts [More Hardball]