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Dick Rod Turns on the Tears

August 31, 2009

I am going to put my hatred from Michigan aside as I try to understand just what goes through the mind of Dick Rodriguez. Recently, some players and former players stepped forward and admitted to the Detroit Free Press that Dick Rod and his coaching staff had violated NCAA rules by making the team practice longer than sanctioned by the NCAA. At Dick Rod’s press conference today, he turned on the tears and was trying to make it look as if he were the victim. Please. Call it biased if you want to but I just look at him and immediately think jerkoff, coward, scumbag or just plain asshole. What has this guy done in the past that says there is no way he would do this? If the NCAA does find Michigan in violation of their rules, would Michigan have to vacate those 3 big wins from last year? 0-12? Yikes. Dick Rod was already catching heat from the Alumni Association and these allegations are just fanning that fire. That same Alumni Association will also be the biggest factor in whether or not Dick Rod stays for a third year at Michigan…

No One Loves Them Some You…

March 5, 2009

Well the Cowboys have done something smart for the first time in recent memory. They cut the locker room tumor known as Terrell Owens. After dismantling yet another team, T.O. is now on the market. The problem is no one wants him. As of 12:30pm PST, there were nine teams that had said no thanks to the ball dropping services of Mr. Owens. The Dolphins, Ravens, 49ers, Chargers, Browns (EVEN THE BROWNS), Falcons, Eagles, Cowboys and Saints have already said “thanks, but no thanks”. I am not really sure who would want to take a chance on Terrell at this point. I mean, the guy looks like he has blocks of wood duct taped to his hands. Maybe Skeletor and the Jokeland Raiders would take a stab at him. Why not? They are the NFLs wild card team (no realtion to the playoffs) and love flushing seasons down the toilet almost as much as the Browns. Owens is obviously on the backend of his career now and needs to grow up and realize that he isn’t Rod Tidwell. When T.O. starts to think about his team rather than himself, then maybe the lights and flashes from the cameras will stop blinding him and he can catch a ball.