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Enemy of The Month: Brandon Spikes

November 2, 2009

I thought it was going to be a tough decision to find an enemy for the month of November, but thanks to Florida linebacker Brandon Spikes we can all rest easy. During a pile up in the Georgia vs. Florida rivalry game, Spikes went for some extra credit by attempting to eye gouge Georgia running back Washaun Ealey. Although Spikes was not flagged for the unsportsmanlike move, the video evidence makes a pretty, pretty, pretty strong case. Coach Urban Meyer seemed to be unaware of the incident but said if it proves to be true he will be having a “very serious talk” with him. The SEC has not made a motion on the situation yet, but I hope they do act on it soon. The minimum penalty for Spikes’ actions should be at least a 1-game suspension.
The reason I am suggesting that is because of a similar situation from 2003 when Ohio State linebacker Robert Reynolds went a little overboard and jammed his fingers into the throat of then Wisconsin quarterback, Jim Sorgi. Reynolds, like Spikes, was not flagged for this. Reynolds actions resulted in a one game suspension that was handed out by head coach Jim Tressel, not the Big Ten. However, the Big Ten did step in and suspend Ohio State’s senior safety Kurt Coleman for 1 game for “initiating helmet-to-helmet contact and targeting a defenseless opponent.” Let’s hope the SEC sees the footage above and does the right thing. If not, we will have to wait and see if Urban Meyer will impose a penalty on Spikes or if he thinks a “real serious talk” is punishment enough. Either way Brandon, we here at Thunder Treats now proclaim you a giant douche bag. Congratulations on your new title.

UPDATE 11/2/2009 9:36 AM PT

Urban Meyer has suspended Brandon Spikes for the first half of Saturday’s game against Vanderbilt. He says that Spikes was retaliating from an earlier incident during the game where his eye was gouged. I guess 2 wrongs make a right at Florida. This suspension is a JOKE.

Enemy of the Month: Braylon Edwards

October 6, 2009

The month of October brings to Thunder Treats yet another Enemy of the Month. The Enemy this month will be none other than Cleveland Browns wide receiver, Braylon Edwards. This sounds redundant doesn’t it? I know what you asking yourself..”but DiLo, wasn’t there already a player from the Browns wide receiving core that was Enemy of the Month?” Your damn right there was and if these boneheads continue to act like teenagers, then they will continue to be the EOTM. Edwards is receiving this award because of his actions late Sunday/early Monday when he struck Edward Givens in the face during an argument. I guess Braylon felt since he didn’t use his hands on Sunday during the game (or for much of the season for that matter) that he would use them to inflict pain and injury on an innocent person. That person happens to be friends with Lebron and if there is one thing that you DO NOT DO in Cleveland, that is piss off Lebron. I hope you catch a lot of heat for this Braylon, because Lord knows you can’t catch anything else…Bozo.

Enemy of the Month: Kanye West

September 14, 2009

MTV Shows

Kanye West proved to us tonight, once and for all, that he is in fact the biggest douche bag in Hollywood. West may be the most openly racist person I have ever seen and yet no one does anything about it. This is the THIRD time he has had a litte “hissy fit” at an MTV Awards show. Here’s an idea…QUIT INVITING THE COWARD! It started in 2004 after he didn’t win the best new artist award and again in 2006 in Europe when he interrupted an acceptance speech from Justice and Simian. Tonight he crossed the line. Tonight he snatched the microphone off of country sweetheart Taylor Swift to proclaim that “Beyonce’s video was one of the best of all time.” Thanks for the update dickwad. How about next time you just run your mouth to whoever will listen to you after the show instead of ruining someone else’s moment. Beyonce made right at the end of the night when she won the award for video of the year and asked that Taylor come back up to the stage to finish her acceptance speech. Kanye West and his thing of a girlfriend were asked to leave after his tirade. Meanwhile, singer Pink had to be restrained by security after she went after Kanye. I wonder if he still thinks Beyonce’s video is one of the greatest ever since he lost to her? Maybe he would have had another incident if they allowed his to stay. Also, I wonder how he would have reacted if, say for instance, he won an award and John Mayer came on stage and snatched it from him to tell the world that someone else deserved it more. Think he would let that fly? Do us a favor Kanye, go away for a long while, learn how to rap, get someone to clean up that mess of a hair cut you got going on and get a new girlfriend. Time to grow up douchbag. So, without further ado, Kanye West is our Enemy of the Month for September for going above and beyond the douche bag calling. Let’s drop him and Chris Brown in the middle of the ocean.

Enemy of The Month: Unidentified Douche Bag

August 6, 2009

The Enemy of the Month for August is a person. Actually, it’s a thing. However, we do not know the identity of this thing…yet. I am sure that in the coming weeks we will find out who it was exactly that decided to be the All Time Creep by secretly videotaping Erin Andrews through a hotel peep hole. This thing doesn’t even know the amount of enemies it has gained through his idiotic, ignornant actions. This guy will forever remain a douche bag in the eyes of Thunder Nation. Congratualtions dickwad, you were a nerd before and now everyone hates your guts. Continue to hide in your mom’s basement. We’ll find you eventually…

Enemy of The Month: Jeremy Mayfield

July 16, 2009

Jeremy Mayfield just can’t seem to kick his addiction to methamphetamines. Mayfield has been suspended, AGAIN, for failing a random drug test. If I were a driver in NASCAR, you can be damn sure that I would want him drug tested before EVERY SINGLE RACE. I don’t think there could be an ounce of trust left in any driver for Mayfield. What he is doing is not only stupid, but completely immature. He is/was a role model to so many and now he has thrown it all away. Maybe when he winds up living under a bridge overpass he will realize his consequences for his actions. In a signed affidavit from Mayfields step mother, she claims he has been using since at least 1998.

“Between 1998 and 2005, I am personally aware that Jeremy used methamphetamines often,” she said in her affidavit. “I was concerned about his heavy use and talked to his father about it. I saw Jeremy use methamphetamine by snorting it up his nose at least 30 times during the 7 years I was around him. Jeremy used methamphetamine not only in my presence, but also when we were both in the presence of others.”

Mayfield had some thoughts response to his step mother’s allegations.

“She’s tried everything she can do to get money out of me. I won’t help her, so I guess she found a way to get money from NASCAR by giving them an affidavit full of lies,” he said. “And they picked the wrong woman to use against me because that (expletive) is trash and has got nothing on me but lies.”

I think it will only be proper that Thunder Treats Enemy of the Month will now be named Jeremy Mayfield. You stay classy, jerk off.

Source: Fox Sports

And the Winner Is…

March 9, 2009

Manny Ramirez is winner of this weeks poll for Thunder Treats Enemy of the Month. He received this title because he was such a D-bag during negotiations with the Dodgers. He wasn’t alone in his endeavour to get overpaid though. His superagent/super shithead Scott Boras was the mastermind behind him holding out. After virtually every other team passed on him and the owner threatened to pull his offers, they decided to sign. Manny finally agreed to a 2 year, $45 million dollar deal that, apparently, didn’t look as good the first time they offered it. This is the kind of behavior that people have come to expect from the assbag Scott Boras. Bad news Tribe fans, Scott Boras is Matt LaPorta’s agent…