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Cougar Madness: FANTASY FOUR

April 3, 2009

Well, after a couple of stunning victories and a few steam rollin’s, we have the Cougar Madness Fantasy Four. Now, some of you may think that this is unfair or that some of these women don’t deserve to be in the Fantasy Four. For those of you who think that, go away. We have two #1 seeds in the Fantasy Four. They are Halle Berry representing the west and Jennifer Aniston representing the South. These two women had the hardest match up of the Erotic Eight with Berry vs. Cox and Aniston vs. Bellucci. They both persevered because of outstanding support from Thunder Nation but now face some stiff competition. Coming out of the East is this years Cinderella Story. 10th seeded Diane Lane gained a huge head of steam after taking down Demi Moore in the second round. She has all the support from Thunder Nation and her match up with Aniston will be uge (no room for the H). For those of you who think a 10 seed has no business in the Fantasy Four, I challenge you to look up George Mason from 2006. Remember them? You know you do and if you remember correctly they were an 11 seed! Finally, we have Mary Louise Parker representing the Midwest. MLP is the quintessential dark horse in Cougar Madness. She has beauty that makes it look as if she isn’t trying to be hot and that actually makes her more attractive. Remember to cast your vote for your favorites on our weekly poll and remember you can vote for more than one person. Look for the Championship game to be announced sometime on Sunday. Until then Thunder Nation…