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TT’s Hottest Tv Co-Star Contest : Ashley Jones

July 28, 2009

Next up in ThunderTreats newest contest is Southern Belle Ashley Jones. Ashley is a slender 5’7″ bombshell who is an avid Obama fan. She enters the contest under the role of Daphne, a waitress and shape shifter, on HBO’s hit series True Blood. I thoroughly watch every episode waiting to catch a glimpse of at least on of her chesticles but it turns out she’s just a tease for this season with a non-nudity clause in her contract. Ashley is no stranger to the TV world. In her 15+ years of acting, she’s landed roles in Dr. Quinn Medicine Women, Young and the Restless, some other cheesy shows, then ending up on the Bold and the Beautiful. But since this is ThunderTreats, I’m hoping that none of our readers have actually watched any of those shows, exception to Sir Dubz who likes his soaps, and only recognize her as the sexy Caterer from Old School that got taken into the bathroom. For now, enjoy the more edgy Ashley Jones as she stirs up drama in True Blood. Hopefully she’ll scratch the no nudity clause in next seasons contract.

Geeeaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh….Hottest Wives/Gf’s in Sports Part 1

February 12, 2009

I’m sure that I’m not the only one that made Rachel Glandorf, Colt McCoy’s girlfriend, BONER OF THE MONTH after watching this year’s Fiesta Bowl. She is a Baylor track star who is working towards being a national TV sportscaster. It shouldn’t be too long before Broadway Joe gets loaded on the sideline and tries to make out with her.

Shwing Shwing Shwing this is New York Yankee catcher Jorge Posada’s wife Laura. I think this broad has attempted to be an actor a few times but failed. I wouldn’t be too upset on missing the post season if I had that at home all offseason.

Lane Kiffin is lucky Urban Meyer didn’t laugh in his face and tell him that he was gonna bang his wife for accusing him of cheating. Layla Kiffin is more popular in Tennessee than her husband after coming to campus a few weeks ago. Just wow. He doesn’t even play the sport and he lands a broad like that.

Michelllllle Damon. I don’t know how Johnny landed this muffincake while growing that Jesus beard and hair. She has appeared in SI before but has been all over my radar since seeing her on MTV cribs a few years ago.

They’ll be additional posts on this subject. I’m not including the obvious wives and gf’s of Woods, Mickelson, Parker, Romo (before she gained a billion pounds), etc. I want little known or new on the scene wives and gf’s. I’m trying to find a pro bowler or table tennis pro with a smokin hott wife. Comment any ideas.