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TT’s Hottest Tv Co-Star Contest : Emmanuelle Vaugier

August 25, 2009

Contestant #4

This week our first Canadian enters the contest. Emmanuelle Vaugier enters as Mia from Two and a Half Men. Mia has been absent from the show after marrying another man but is back to stir up some drama in Charlie’s life. Besides being a total babe, Emmanuelle actually has a pretty impressive resume with appearances in almost 70 films and tv series. She has appeared in many fashion and fitness magazine being no stranger to the gym, shwing. Along with Two and a Half men she just completed her third season of CSI: NY. She has also appeared in an episode or two of Supernatural, One Tree Hill, Monk, North Shore, Charmed and Smallville. We shouldn’t really recognize her in all of those because we shouldn’t be watching most of those…This is Thunder Treats after all. You should recognize her from Saw II when she stuck her hands in the razor box. All of at TT can think back to is 40 Days and 40 Nights when she showed her niblets and cheeks. Shes also appeared in some old school, low budget movies like Blond or Blonder and Suddenly Naked that she may or may not be naked in but everyone should Netflix, right now. Emmanuelle is also featured in EA’s newest Need For Speed Carbon game. Stay tuned to Two and a Half Men for Mia’s comeback.

TT’s Hottest Tv Co-Star Contest : Natalie Zea

August 11, 2009

I’ll start this post off with a Shwing Shwing Shwing. Our newest contestant is the seductive Natalie Zea. She enters the competition under the character Jemma from HBO’s Hung. Without a doubt Jemma is the hottest and most intriguing broad on the new hit series. Jemma is a successful businesswoman who is a total whack job in her spare time. She pays Ray to do the most random chick things you can imagine. With those eyes I’d do whatever she’d ask of me too including horrible, horrible things. Natalie is another smokeface hailing from the great state of Texas. There must be something in the water and I think it’s time for all of us at TT to pack up and move to Texas. She landed the #80 spot on Maxim’s Hot 100 list in 2008. I think we need to vote again, she’s more like a top 10. Natalie has a impressive resume of Dirty Sexy Money, Without a Trace, CSI, The Shield and an episode Two and a Half Men where Charlie has his way with her I’m sure. In my book, this 35 yr old is the perfect storm of hotness. She can play the smart, sophisticated roles and pull off the role of the sexy shedevil that will you stop you in your tracks with her seductive eyes. Every time she’s on tv , I’m on the edge of my seat waiting for her to solve a murder or break out into a hardcore porno scene. So I’ll continue to patiently watch and wait for her break out girl on girl scene. I’m not the only one that thinks that way. So far, Natalie has my vote.

TT’s Hottest Tv Co-Star Contest : Ashley Jones

July 28, 2009

Next up in ThunderTreats newest contest is Southern Belle Ashley Jones. Ashley is a slender 5’7″ bombshell who is an avid Obama fan. She enters the contest under the role of Daphne, a waitress and shape shifter, on HBO’s hit series True Blood. I thoroughly watch every episode waiting to catch a glimpse of at least on of her chesticles but it turns out she’s just a tease for this season with a non-nudity clause in her contract. Ashley is no stranger to the TV world. In her 15+ years of acting, she’s landed roles in Dr. Quinn Medicine Women, Young and the Restless, some other cheesy shows, then ending up on the Bold and the Beautiful. But since this is ThunderTreats, I’m hoping that none of our readers have actually watched any of those shows, exception to Sir Dubz who likes his soaps, and only recognize her as the sexy Caterer from Old School that got taken into the bathroom. For now, enjoy the more edgy Ashley Jones as she stirs up drama in True Blood. Hopefully she’ll scratch the no nudity clause in next seasons contract.

TT’s Hottest Tv Co-Star Contest : Sarah Shahi

July 22, 2009

Contestant #1

ThunderTreats newest excuse to stare at hot chicks while your at work is our Hottest Tv Co-star Contest. Every few days a new contestant will be introduced leading up to a vote.

This plethora of smoke faces kicks off with one of my favorites in NBC’s Life co-star, Sarah Shahi, who plays detective Dani Reese. This cupcake hails from the great state of Texas. Sarah started off as a beauty queen and fitness model who turned Dallas Cowboy cheerleader. Geaaah Dream Girl. This under appreciated actress gained some spotlight by making Maxim’s Hot 100 in 2005(#90) and 2006(#66). Before landing the role as ex-junky and badass detective Dani Reese, Sarah scored a few spots on the Sopranos, The Supernatural, Alias and Dawson’s Creek. You also might have seen her in a few movie hits like Old School, For Your Consideration and Rush Hour 3. The only mark on her record is currently being knocked up by some dbag actor from SoCal’s favorite sitcom REBA. Pregnant or not Sarah is bringin it for this competition.