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Thunder Links

June 13, 2009

These links bring the Thunder…

Way to go Castillo (Awful Announcing)
Kate Gosselin is a great mom (Blog of Hilarity)
Vampires return to Louisiana (Bro Bible)
Faceplant Friday (Don Chavez)
Shauna Sand in her bikini..schwing (Drunken Stepfather)
Derrick Rose a gangbanger? (Foul Balls)
Give this man a Nobel Prize (Holy Taco)
30 Most Infamous Ghosts photos ever taken (ManOfest)
Thigh of the Week: Giorgia Palmas (Sharapova’s Thigh)
1895 8th Grade Examination (The Superficial Gallery)
The Buckeyes are the Anti Browns (Waiting for Next Year)
Shaq’s Tweets turned into Motivational Posters (The Daily Fill)