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Friday’s Thunder Links

October 23, 2009

These Links bring the Thunder…

– How to Tell How Far You’ll Get with a Girl Based on Her Halloween Costume [Bro Bible]
– Pistons Need to Put the Deeee in Deeeetroit Basketball; That’d be Alllllrighty Then [Detroit 4 Lyfe]
– Tales from the News Desk: Phillies Fans are Still Hilarious [Awful Announcing]
– Marissa Miller, Phillies Phanatics, Vick was Buying What? [SI Hot Clicks]
– Cedric Benson May Have Extra Motivation on Sunday [Eat Drink and Sleep Football]
– Sports Media 360 Conference in Cleveland this Weekend [Midwest Sports Fans]
– Ozzie in Color [More Hardball]
– A Mystery Candidate Appears: Ron Roenicke [Waiting For Next Year]
– Reminder: Stephen Jackson Still Crazy [The Sports Hernia]
– From Mr. April to Mr. October? [Eat Drink Sleep Baseball]
– Magic Admits to Blackballing Isiah [Fan Nation]
– Jeff Fisher T-Shirts Worthy of Outrage [Tirico Suave]
– Back to the Future: Packers Sign Running Back Ahman Green [Rumors and Rants]
– ABC’s Modern Family May Explain the Illini’s Struggles [Friends of the Program]
– Jim Zorn to Remain with the Redskins for the Remainder of the Season [No Guts No Glory]

SI Cover Girls

March 11, 2009

As most of you may already know, Sports Illustrated has recently dropped its annual swimsuit issue for 2009. Every February since 1964 SI has photographed beautiful women in locations that we can only dream of (unless of course we knock the socks off of mega millions). Whether these women are fashion models, athletes, or singers any one of these 10 spots can make each of us as big of a pushover as the Donk. From pointy boobs to explosive bushes, SI was there. After “reading” this years issue I began to ponder, who is Sports Illustrated hottest cover girl? After hours of hard work and much deliberation I present to you…

So Cal Shredders Top 5 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Cover Girls

# 5
Tyra Banks – 1997

# 4
Yamila Diaz-Rahi – 2002

# 3
Beyonce Knowles – 2007

# 2
Kathy Ireland – 1992

# 1

Marisa Miller – 2008

Surprised? Didn’t think so, Marisa Miller is so damn hot that Sports Illustrated released a “Best of Marisa Miller” swimsuit calender for 2009. I know that I left some extremely hot girls off this list so don’t be afraid to let me know what you think. If I had more time I’d drop a top 20 list but since its Spring Break in San Diego I’ve got trouble to get in to.