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Thunder Links

June 26, 2009

These links bring the Thunder…
Michael Jackson: A Tribute to the King of Pop (Holy Taco)
Tony Siragusa to be Internet Star (Awful Announcing)
Rednecks Should Not Get Electricity (Blog of Hilarity)
20 Best Beards in Film (Unreality Magazine)
Finding Old Faithful in a Jersey Shore Beach House (Bro Bible)
I want Bob Green to Coach My Life (Friends of the Program)
Balls Hitting People in Face: A Gallery (Holy Taco)
50 Funniest Street Signs of All Time (ManOfest)
Cavs Land Shaq, but LeBrons NYC Bound in 2010 (No Guts, No Glory)
The 7 Worst Sports Movie Endings (Joe Sports Fan)
The 10 Most Beloved Cleveland Sports Athletes (Waiting for Next Year)
Jesus Tapdancing Christ did the NBA Draft Suck (Major League Jerk)