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Lincecum Wins Second NL Cy Young

November 19, 2009

Twitter does it again! Sports Illustrated and baseball writer Jon Heyman posted the news to his twitter account BEFORE any major media outlet. This proves once again that Twitter can be your source for the most up to date information on any given topic. This is Lincecum’s second Cy Young in as many years even though he had a rather unimpressive wins total. Although, Zach Greinke’s win total was unimpressive but he also took home the hardware. Runners up Chris Carpenter and Adam Wainwright were very worthy candidates as well. Carpenter was 3rd in the league in complete games after coming off multiple injuries and Wainwright led the league in wins, which is a common staple among Cy Young winners. Congrats to Timmy on another trophy for the case, I guess the answer to the popular question “Have you ever won a Cy Young on weeeeeed, maaan?” would be a definite “yes”. Check here to see how far off the Thunder Treats authors preseason MLB predictions were.

Add to List: Manny, Big Papi

July 30, 2009

Two of the most integral parts of the Boston Red Sox 86 year drought-ending World Series Championship were included on a list of roughly 100 players that had tested positive for performance enhancing drugs in 2003. This according to lawyers with access to the list. Baseball first tested for steroids in 2003, but the list was supposed to remain anonymous. That first round of testing has since surfaced and included names like Barry Bonds, David Segui, Alex Rodriguez and Sammy Sosa. So can it be assumed that the Red Sox cheated their way to breaking the Curse? If so, then I think we would have to agree, as most do already, that Barry Bonds cheated his way to beating Hammerin’ Hank. With all of this coming to light, and seemingly something new coming out everyday, I think it is time to make the penalty stiffer. How would the Dodgers fair without Manny for the rest of their season? Maybe bump the first offense to 100 games or even the entire season. I think a player would think twice about injecting if they knew they would lose their entire season and seriously jeopardize their career. It is time for baseball to figure out a way to weed out the natural talent from the bums with needles.

Source: NY Times

Thunder Links

July 21, 2009

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NCAA 10 vs. MLB Allstar Game

July 14, 2009

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Tonite is the MLB All Star game. Today is the release of EA Sports NCAA 10. I can’t really explain how much more I am pumped for the latter than the former. The MLB All Star game is, in most cases, boring. It drags on and no one is in the game long enough to make a major impact. I can’t tell you the last time I watched more than 3 consecutive innings of an All Star game. EA Sports NCAA Football franchise is another story. I have bought the new game every year since 2002 and have never been let down. They introduce something new every year and the graphics just keep getting better. This year’s edition will include a revamped Road to Glory mode that will include none other than ESPN’s resident smoke face: Erin Andrews-DiLo. She will give the user updated stats analysis throughout their college career. So which will you be doing? Will you be engaging in eye glazing baseball or will you be on the sticks getting after EA (by EA I don’t mean Electronic Arts)? It is safe for me to say that the MLB has no shot at getting my attention tonite.

Noodle Arm Night

June 19, 2009

One of the many things I love about living in Las Vegas and being from Ohio is finding Midwest deals. Let me define. A Midwest deal is a “special” that a bar or venue has that would resemble something you would find somewhere in the midwest. A popular Midwest “special” would be something along the lines of dollar night. To date, there are 6 “Dollar Beer” nights left at the Las Vegas 51’s games. The 51’s are the triple A affiliate of the Toronto Blue Jays, formerly the Los Angeles Dodgers. It is $9 for a ticket and then all the goodness of Bud and Budlight (Diesel and Unleaded to the college person) you can drink for $1 a beer. I don’t even care if your like baseball, a dollar is a dollar any way you cut it. There isn’t much more you can ask for except for an exceptional ending. For your information I have yet to remember exactly how a game has ended. With that being said, what, you might ask, could make this better? Please let me elaborate…

Last night, I was able to see the 51’s play a great game (I think). The best thing I heard all night was the #3 hitter coming up to bat…a Mr. David Dellucci. The noodle arm himself. Being a Cleveland Indians fan, I found this to be amazing. I thought it unbelievable that I didn’t see on ESPN’s Bottom Line that David Dellucci had been picked up by the Canadian birds of the north (ha). I have always believed that Dellucci’s arm had gone “bye bye” a long time ago, but now I think I know for sure. I saw Dellucci one hop a ball from left field to third base. Third Base! Maybe his bats could redeem him right? Wrong. His 0-4 plate appearance with 2 strike outs was less than stellar to say the least. I was never a fan of David Dellucci’s and now I have to sit through my $1 beer nights and watch him play? That seems a little unfair. If Dellucci loves baseball as much as I do or as much as the surfer in the Red Sox hat that thought he was at a rave does, he has to know its time to hang them up. I don’t see him being more than a liability for any team.

SIDE NOTE: I called Jack Potts, a fellow Fan of the Feather, to tell him of the debacle and his response was “throw something at him, anything you can find, throw it”. I knew I should have done it because there is no way Dellucci could throw back any foriegn object hard enough to hurt someone. Also, I respect the sanctity of the game and all I ask is that he do the same…

2009 Thunder Treats MLB Preview

March 30, 2009

The 2009 MLB season is right around the corner and we here at Thunder Treats wanted to get the ball rolling with a preview of our own. First and foremost, So Cal Shredder needs to be recognized for being the brains behind this MLB preview. With that being said, Sunday April 5th at 8 PM opens the 2009 regular season with a first pitch showdown of the Atlanta Braves at the Philadelphia Phillies. It is only fitting to have the defending World Series champions open up the 2009 campaign on the national showcase.
This off season has been a very news worthy one, especially with the release of news implementing star 3rd baseman of the New York Yankees Alex Rodriguez to steroids. Baseball has been under the microscope for some time now and has taken many black eyes. 2009 looks to be another action packed season from the start so you might as well start your online betting. Now lets take a look above at the 8 Thunder Treats authors and their 2009 MLB picks.

The categories were broken down the following way:
AL & NL Cy Young
AL & NL East, Central, West and Wild Card winners
AL & NL Champs
World Series Champs

When the picks came in at the end, the team picked most often to win the 2009 World Series championship was the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. Let see if the Halos can win another World Series since there last one in 2002, or if someone else will emerge as the favorite.

In other news, check back this week as Thunder Treats releases the Erotic Eight in the Cougar Madness Tournament!

Move Over Pete Rose, ThunderTreats Joins the 3000 Hits Club

March 12, 2009

ThunderTreats surpassed another milestone in stride this week by breaking the 3000 hits mark. The ingenious writers have been grabbing the attention of readers worldwide over the last few weeks. ThunderTreats is the best thing since pockets. Sky is the limit for this crew.

To celebrate our 3000 hits and with spring training kicking off, it’s time to honor the other 27 ball players in the club…
1. Pete Rose (4,256)
2. Ty Cobb (4,191)
3. Hank Aaron (3,771)
4. Stan Musial (3,630)
5. Tris Speaker (3,514)
6. Carl Yastrzemski (3,419)
7. Cap Anson (3,418)**
8. Honus Wagner (3,415)
9. Paul Molitor (3,319)
10. Eddie Collins (3,315)
11. Willie Mays (3,283)
12. Eddie Murray (3,255)
13. Napoleon Lajoie (3,242)
14. Cal Ripken, Jr. (3,184)
15. George Brett (3,154)
16. Paul Waner (3,152)
17. Robin Yount (3,142)
18. Tony Gwynn (3,141)
19. Dave Winfield (3,110)
20. Rickey Henderson (3,055)
21. Rod Carew (3,053)
22. Lou Brock (3,023)
23. Rafael Palmeiro (3,020)
24. Wade Boggs (3,010)
25. Al Kaline (3,007)
26. Craig Biggio (3,002)
27. Roberto Clemente (3,000)

Who’s next to join the club?? Bonds is closest with 2,902 but his only chance of taking another swing in a real game with be with a yellow bat and Dilo will be pitching. So I’m not going to get my hopes up on Barry finishing out his 3000. Griffey Jr. has 2680 but can his body hold up another 3 seasons to hit the milestone? It might be safe to say he’ll finish off his 3000 on a sega genesis. A couple other questionable players to take a look into the club but will be denied are Pudge(2591), Sheffield(2615), Omar(2657) and Luis Gonzalez(2591). They are too old and can’t keep up with the competition.

There are a few active players that are a lock in my opinion. Derek Jeter(2535) is arguably the most consistent and hard working ballplayers in the league. His love for the game and tremendous work ethic will take him to 3000 easily. Say what you want about the steroid bullshit but Arod(2404) is still a freak out on the diamond. He’ll end his career with over 800 homeruns and close to 4,000 hits. D-Bag Manny(2392) will terrorize locker rooms for the next 4-5 seasons and still put up big numbers. He is a dick, doesn’t make sense when he speaks, but the dude can swing a bat. So expect him to make it. The league is filled with young superstars that have potential to one day reach 3000(Grady, Hanley, Texiera, ect). Keep making ThunderTreats your go to site for the latest polls, stories, predictions, hot chicks, dumps and everything else we offer you.