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Robert Rose Tells Penn State Fans to Suck It…Literally

November 9, 2009

On Saturday night, The Ohio State University beat Penn State by a score of 24-7. It was sweet revenge for the young Terrelle Pryor who, last year, fumbled the ball late in the 4th quarter in Columbus and subsequently lost the game for the Buckeyes. Late in the 4th quarter, quarterback Darryl Clark rolled out to his right and threw a interception that would seal the fate of the Nittany Lions. After the interception, ESPN camera’s panned the Ohio State sideline only to catch #9 Robert Rose mimicking what looked to be the act of fellatio. Who it was directed at is uncertain and the video doesn’t help. He may have been joking around with a teammate but the more likely scenario is that he was directing it towards the Penn State fans. Now before everyone gets all up in arms about this, remember that it was out of complete coincidence that they caught this on tape and I am SURE that players on both sides of that field have done something of this nature not expecting to be caught. Besides, it was just a quicky…

College Football Top 10 Games of the Week Preview

September 2, 2009

A guest post by Donk…

Thunder Treats college football analyst and guest poster, Donk, has provided us with a Top 10 must watch games for the first week of college football. Donk thought it necessary because he figured most dudes would be so excited to watch any football, that they might miss out on some of the most intriguing games. Thanks Donk, awesome job and you can expect to see a Top 10 each week here at Thunder Treats so make sure to check back!


Can you say DEFENSE. Alabama and VaTech return a combined 15 starters on defense. Two of the toughest defenses from a year ago will square off against two quarterbacks that have a lot to prove. With the loss of Darren Evans on offseason, Tyrod Taylor will have added pressure putting point on the boards against Alabama, in the heart of SEC country.
Sept. 5th – 8:00 p.m. EST *Game played in Atlanta, GA


A high powered, lights out defense to collide with a high powered star studded Oklahoma State offense. Oklahoma State’s Zac Robinson, Dez Bryant, and Kendall Hunter are all back trying to dethrone Oklahoma and Texas as the class of the Big 12 South. Georgia has big shoes to fill from last year with the losses of Matthew Stafford and Knowshon Moreno to the NFL. If the Cowboys find themselves behind at any point during the game, I expect Coach Mike Gundy to come through with a heated speech. Remember, he is a man, and he is 40. Well I guess he’s 42 now, but that still works.
Sept. 5th – 3:30 p.m. EST


This will be a battle between the team with 4 million possible jersey combinations and the team that plays in blue jerseys camouflaged by the blue turf of Bronco Stadium. The Ducks’ have lots of talent on the offensive side of the ball, but with 4 new starters on the offensive line Oregon will win or lose the game in the trenches. Boise State coming off a 12 win season, will not surprise anyone this year, but the Broncos will be prepared to make a run for yet another BCS Bowl birth.
Sept. 3rd – 10:15 p.m. EST


This may be the Big 10’s best shot at winning a non conference game against a team from a Big conference. Starting in his 4th year at Illinois, Juice Williams will have one of college football’s most talented targets at his disposal, in Arrelious Benn. Mizzou lost all it’s star power with the losses of Chase Daniel, Chase Coffman, and Jeremy Maclin. Mizzou will have it’s hands full when Illinois makes the trip down to Missouri, somehome as the home team.
Sept. 5th – 3:40 p.m. EST *Game played in St. Louis, MO


(20)B.Y.U @ (3)OKLAHOMA
Unless the Cougars can pull off the Hitch and Ladder and the Statue of Liberty play, Oklahoma may put this game out of reach quickly. As long as the Sooners can keep the BYU Sack Machine that is Jan Jorgensen away from Sam Bradford, the Sooners will have too many weapons for the Cougars to handle. Max Hall, who threw for 3957 yards and 35 TD’s last season will keep the OU defensive backs on their heels.
Sept. 5th – 7:00 p.m. EST


The Big East Conference is up for grabs by several teams. Cincinnati, Rutgers, West Virginia, South Florida and Pittsburgh are all capable of taking the conference title and booking their tickets to the Orange Bowl. But which will it be. After stumbling out of the gates last season the Scarlet Knights ended the regular season with 7 straight wins. For Cincinnati, getting the ball in the hands of playmaker Mardy Gillyard will be crucial.
Sept. 7th – 4:00 p.m. EST


Most schools use their non-conference schedule to add cupcake games against FCS teams or directional universities. Most teams won’t schedule their arch-rival in Week One, but that’s exactly what the Hurricanes and Seminoles have done. The two teams that dominated college football for much of the 90’s have fallen significantly over the past few years. Both teams are on the rebound, Miami coming off a 7-6 season including a bowl loss to Cal, and Florida State coming off a 9-4 season including a Citrus Bowl trouncing of Wisconsin.
Sept. 7th – 8:00 p.m. EST


Coming off a 8-6 season, and the program’s first bowl win in 15 years, Notre Dame is looking to get back to a BCS Bowl. Look for Jimmy Clausen to improve from his sophomore season, now that he has an offensive line to stand behind. Nevada who boasts on the best kept secrets in college football this year, Colin Kapernick, will not be a push over. Nevada returns 2651Rushing yards (Vai Tuau 1521 yards & Kaepernick 1130 yards) as well as 2849 Passing yards (Kaepernick). The expectations are high for Notre Dame this year (especially in Lou Holtz’s and Beano Cook’s senile eyes) but they better not be overlooking the Wolf pack.
Sept. 5th – 3:30 p.m. EST


The Bears are coming off a 4-8 season. Robert Griffin’s accumulated 2091 yards in the air and 843 on the ground in his freshman season. Griffin is an explosive dual threat quaterback that will continue to give sluggish Big 12 defenses nightmares. The Deamon Deacons future will rest squarely on the shoulders of Riley Skinner. Skinner is the winniest quarterback in school history as well as the ACC’s career completion percentage leader.
Sept. 5th – 3:30 p.m. EST


Coming off an 0-12 season, the Huskies can only improve from last season. With Locker healthy, Washington will at least be interesting to watch while on offense, escpecially with Steve Sarkesian calling the shots. LSU will once again will rely on their fast, shut down D. With some improved QB work from a year ago, LSU should have this one out of reach in a hurry.
Sept. 5th – 10:30 p.m. EST

Just Missed the Cut – (12)Cal @ Maryland, Navy @ (6)Ohio State, South Carolina @ NC State, Minnesota @ Syracuse, Florida Atlantic @ Nebraska.
* AP Rankings as of 9/1/2009

Lou Holtz Isn’t Full Blown Crazy…At Least Not Yet

August 24, 2009

Don’t get me wrong, I was the first one to assume Lou Holtz suffered a minor stroke when he predicted that Notre Dame will be on top of the BCS this year and their #23 ranking was too low. But upon further review, he may have something. Notre Dame’s schedule this year is easier than Lindsay Lohan in a Vegas club. Their only real challenge will come against USC and Michigan State, both of which aren’t as strong as they usually are. They also play a tough Navy squad but I don’t see them letting themselves lose to them again. They have both Pitt and UConn back to back in November, but both those teams also lost a lot of key players to the draft/graduation. So there is a chance, albeit a distant one, that Notre Dame can pull together and go undefeated. So now we have Notre Dame undefeated but we also have Florida and Oklahoma (or Texas) undefeated as well. Hmm, I wonder which team will get the nod to play in the National Championship? I would rather see a 1-loss Texas or Oklahoma over an undefeated Notre Dame. Hell, USC would be more deserving even if they lost to Notre Dame. I’m pretty sure that Holtz actually forgot about Texas and Oklahoma when he muttered this absurd proclamation. The fact of the matter is that Notre Dame would more than likely finish the regular season ranked 3 or 4 but would actually be more of an 8 or 9. So ya Coach Louie, Notre Dame has a slight chance of going undefeated but I don’t see how anyone in their right mind (obviously you’re removed from that group) would put Notre Dame in the National Championship.

Thunder Nation Coalition for the Buckeyes

August 11, 2009

Remember when Ohio State won the National Championship? I do. I remember waking up the morning after sans-ass because I had partied it clean off the night before. I remember the joy and the chants of OH-IO. I remember the goose bumps I got when Jimmy T took the crystal ball and raised it above his head. And, of course, I remember Coach T proclaiming that Ohio State not only had the Best Damn Band in the Land, but they also had the Best Damn Team in the Land… All of those are good, nay, great memories. Those great memories have been getting clouded in the years since that great night. They have been clouded with consecutive losses in the National Championship to the Florida Gay-tors and LSU Tigers, a loss against USC Trashcans and a Fiesta Bowl loss to the Texas Donghorns. All of these losses are/were painful with the National Championships weighing a little more heavily on the collective Buckeye hearts. With all of that being said, its time to finally do something about this stigma that has taken hold of the Ohio State Football program. I know what you’re thinking, “But Thunder Treats, how on earth can we do that?” It’s simple really…

Since the entrance of the new style jersey from Nike, Ohio State has come out on the losing side of the ball in most of the big games it has played in. The new jerseys were first worn for the 2006-2007 season. This season saw the Bucks romp and stomp all the way back to the National Championship with an undefeated record, along the way taking down the team up North in the ‘Game of the Century’. I don’t need to go into too much detail about how that season ended because I know we are all well aware. That was strike 1 for the new jerseys. The following year saw another great start for the Bucks but a bit of a stumble when they tripped up again Illinois late in the season. No big deal really, they weren’t supposed to be national championship contenders that year anyway. We would have been thrilled just to get a BCS game. However, after finishing up the season with only one loss, the Buckeyes awaited Selection Sunday. Because of teams unable to win their conference championships and close out a season, the Buckeyes had “backed their way” back into the National Championship. Immediately everyone started telling anyone that would listen how the Bucks were going to get stomped by LSU and we didn’t deserve to be there. Ya, we knew we weren’t supposed to be there, but we couldn’t help it that other teams couldn’t close a season. LSU went on to beat OSU in every aspect of the game. The 38-24 score is much closer than the game was. Strike 2 for the new jerseys. The 2008 season looked to hinge on one game in particular. The away game against the USC Trashcans. This game would make or break Ohio States hopes of a bid to play in another National Championship. Surely the only way OSU would get the bid would be with an undefeated season. Well, as we all clearly know, that game did not go as planned either. The Bucks got beat like they stole something. They failed to score even a touchdown as the Trashcans seemingly did as they pleased most of the game. Strike 3 for the new jerseys. That season ended up with Ohio State getting its fourth straight BCS Bowl appearance against the Texas Donghorns in the Fiesta Bowl. After a hard fought game, Ohio State came up short once again losing its 3rd straight BCS Bowl game. For those of you who have been counting, that would be Strike 4. This is the only time in history that you can get 4 strikes without being out, bowling withheld. Why is this different for the jersey?

With that being said, this is the beginning of the Thunder Nation Coalition for the Buckeyes. We want Ohio State Football to revert back to the jerseys that helped us beat Miami for a National Championship. We want the good, old classic jerseys with the fat scarlet and grey stripes with no sign of black on them. We want our home jerseys to scream OH-IO and not WI-SC. It is time we voice our opinion about how we really feel about the jerseys. Give it a shot right? What do we have to lose? I am sure Nike would oblige to redesign the jerseys seeing as how Buckeye Nation will probably go out and buy them so they have the most up-to-date gear (i.e. best damn fans in the land). It seems like a win-win-win situation. Nike wins. Buckeye Nation wins. And most importantly of all, The Ohio State Buckeyes win.

Click on the link at the top left of the page to sign the e-petition to join the Thunder Nation Coalition for the Buckeyes. Send the link to all family and friends. Let’s get this message across Buckeye Nation that enough is enough and its time for a change!