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Robert Rose Tells Penn State Fans to Suck It…Literally

November 9, 2009

On Saturday night, The Ohio State University beat Penn State by a score of 24-7. It was sweet revenge for the young Terrelle Pryor who, last year, fumbled the ball late in the 4th quarter in Columbus and subsequently lost the game for the Buckeyes. Late in the 4th quarter, quarterback Darryl Clark rolled out to his right and threw a interception that would seal the fate of the Nittany Lions. After the interception, ESPN camera’s panned the Ohio State sideline only to catch #9 Robert Rose mimicking what looked to be the act of fellatio. Who it was directed at is uncertain and the video doesn’t help. He may have been joking around with a teammate but the more likely scenario is that he was directing it towards the Penn State fans. Now before everyone gets all up in arms about this, remember that it was out of complete coincidence that they caught this on tape and I am SURE that players on both sides of that field have done something of this nature not expecting to be caught. Besides, it was just a quicky…

Ohio vs. Pennsylvania

June 22, 2009

This article was written by Thunder Treats Ohio State Athletics analyst, 4.

Saturday night showcased Ohio vs. Pennsylvania in the annual Big33 high school football game. Every year the best 33 players from each state come together for a one night football slobberknocker. Lately, Pennsylvania has dominated the game, winning the last 3 years, but this year’s Ohio team is very talented, with 7 guys headed to The Ohio State University, and was looking to change things this year and come out with a victory.

For some, it’s the final night ever they will get to strap on the ‘ol shoulder pads and showcase their skills. For others, it was the last time they got to strap on shoulder pads as a high school football player. Many will head off to college as soon as tomorrow morning to start summer school and summer conditioning for the season. Onto the action….

Pennsylvania scored on the opening drive, taking them a little over a minute to score. A nice kickoff return setup the score. The Ohio team got on the board early in the 1st quarter when Fitzgerald Toussaint, who is heading to the school up north, had a nice 50 yard touchdown run off a short pass. Don’t get me wrong, this kid is a good player, with some good speed, but I would never want to see him in a buckeye uniform. I’m sure none of you follow recruiting like I do, but this kid’s father actually STABBED another spectator at one of his high school games this year. For you Youngstown gentlemen, he went to Youngstown Liberty (yikes!). Have fun up north, buddy.

Ohio led 17-7 at one point on a nice touchdown score by Shawn Joplin, son of former University of Toledo basketball coach Stan Joplin, but Pennsylvania came right back to make it a game and eventually made it 17-17 going into the half. As I mentioned before, there are 7 Ohio players going to Ohio State, 1 going to Michigan, a couple going to Cincinnati, WVU, Northwestern and even a DB going to Tennessee from Cleveland. The guys from Ohio State look very good, mainly defense end Melvin Fellows, who looks like the tallest guy on the field at 6’5 245 pounds. There is no blitzing allowed in this game, but he has kept constant pressure on the PA QB from his defensive end spot. On the Pennsylvania side, they had some very talented players as well. 3 of them are headed to Penn State, a few were headed to Pitt, a few to Connecticut, 1 to Rutgers, 2 to Youngstown State and even 1 to Kent State (shout out to Dilo).

In the 2nd half, the big play for Ohio was a 99 yard touchdown reception by Marcus Hyde, who is headed to Iowa. Hyde went 99 yards after Johnathon Newsome, who is headed to OSU, stripped the football and Adam Bellamy, who is headed to OSU and won a state championship for Aurora this past year, recovered the fumble on the PA 1 yardline. Both teams really settled in during the second half and it was even knotted up 31-31 before the Ohio team punched it in from the 1 yard line with 20 seconds left to secure the victory. Austin Boucher was the QB for the Ohio team most of the game and set a Big33 game record with 255 passing yards and was named the games MVP. Boucher was offered a scholarship by OSU but elected to go to Miami of Ohio instead. Why on earth he did that is beyond me (probably because he heard about Terrelle Pryor), but Miami of Ohio is getting a very, very talented QB. Anyways, the final ended up being Ohio 38 Pennsylvania 31 and the 3 game losing streak is over for Ohio in the Big33 game.

These future Buckeyes, who are pictured above from left to right, played in the game and will be on campus as soon as Sunday to get ready for the upcoming season

Johnathon Newsome – Cleveland Glenville
Adam Bellamy – Aurora
Sam Longo – Bellbrook
Marcus Hall – Cleveland Glenville
Corey Linsley – Youngstown Boardman
Melvin Fellows – Akron Garfield
Chris Fields – Painesville

Jimmy T heads to Afghanistan

June 1, 2009

Last Thursday, May 28th, Coach Jim Tressel joined 5 other coaches as they set off for Afghanistan, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates to visit military personnel. Jimmy T showing his class once again. Their tour will last 8 days. This is the second year for this program, but the first for Coach Tressel. The graduation of his daughter held him out of the tour last year. The other coaches in attendance are Mack Brown from Texas (yuck), Rick Neuheisel from UCLA, Houston Nutt of Ole Miss, Troy Calhoun from Air Force and the former coach of Auburn Tommy Tuberville. This presents a great situation for Jim Tressel. Not only can he go visit the Buckeye faithful overseas, but he now has a chance to push Tommy Tubs:
A.) Out of the Airplane
B.) Into the line of fire
C.) Onto a landmine

Any of these three would suffice seeing how Tommy T doesn’t think the Buckeyes are worth the dirt they (used to) play on. If anyone remembers back a couple months, Tuberville made some interesting comments about the Buckeyes. While pushing for a playoff Tubs was quoted as saying:

“Ohio State would have finished fifth in our league and they’re ranked No. 1 in the preseason poll,”

Wah Wah Wah. Quit being a whiney tit. The last time Auburn played a Big Ten team it was the Wisconsin Buzzcuts in 2005 and they lost 24-10. So eat it Tubby. I used to be a big fan of the Auburn Tigers and I think I might still because it seems as though Auburn came to their senses and gave Tommy the boot.

2,000 days is a pretty long time…

May 14, 2009

…Although, I bet it seems longer for Michigan fans. 2,000 days, or roughly 5 1/2 years, is the time elapsed since Michigan last beat Ohio State in football. November 22, 2003 was the date of the last Wolverine vitory. With that being said, let’s take a look back at some memorable moments from 2003…

January 2003: OSU over Miami in double overtime for the National Championship (hat tip to Maurice Clarett)
January 2003: The RAIDERS were in the Super Bowl…wow.

April 2003: Mike Weir becomes 1st Canadian to win the Masters. Big W for Canada.

June 2003: King James begins his reign in Cleveland.

July 2003: Kobe Bryant accused of raping a 19 year old hotel employee in Colorado. In 2004, the case would be dropped.

September 2003: Jamal Lewis runs for 295 yards against the Cleveland Browns. Yuck.

October 2003: Yankees lose World Series to Marlins. I personally hate both teams and couldn’t have cared less.

November 2003: Michigan defeats Ohio State, 35-21…Pending a UM drug test for HGH.

December 2003: The world loses Otto Graham, one of the Cleveland Browns all time greats.

So congrats to Classy Jimmy T and The Ohio State Buckeyes. Keep the streak alive!