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Terrell Owens vs. Rodney Harrison

September 28, 2009

T.O. is not one of my favorite athletes ever, but I like him a whole lot better than Rodney Harrison. T.O. took to twitter to lash out at Harrison’s comments about his no-catch performance against the Saints. Harrison called T.O. a “Clown” and said that he was “more concerned with his own stats, rather than the teams”. T.O. responded to these statements via twitter. Clearly there is going to be more outbursts by both parties because neither one will let the other get the best of them. Owens has to focus on football and Harrison needs to realize he isn’t playing anymore. He also has to realize that his comments will weigh a lot more heavier on his job than T.O.’s. I wouldn’t be surprised if Owens is reprimanded for his tweets and Harrison is told to cool it at NBC.

Andre Smith Finally Signs…Alledgedly

August 30, 2009

Twitter is now, more than ever, revolutionizing the way we get our most up to date sports stories. I don’t usually post on a Saturday, but this seemed like a must write post. Tonight, Chad Ochocinco posted on his twitter account page that first round draft pick Andre Smith has finally signed with the Bengals. I kept on checking with and to see if they have posted anything. Nothing. However, Trey Wingo and Chris Mortenson both responded back and forth with Ochocinco about the signing. I don’t know if its a good thing that The World Wide Leader in sports will now have to take a backseat to Twitter. The image above is from at appoximately 10:30 PM while the image below is from Chad Ochocinco’s twitter page at appoximately 7:45 PM.