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Week 8 NFL Pick Em Results

November 5, 2009

NFL week 8 has officially been flushed down the toilet along with the seasons of the Browns, Rams, and Raiders. The majority of Thunder Treats had a medicore week picking games outside of Dilo who only missed on three games. Thunder Treats results as follows.

Dilo 10-3
Sahli 9-4
JEB 8-5
Dubz 9-4
So Cal 9-4

Following week 8 both JEB and Sahli’s season records are now ahead of ESPN’s Al Einstein. Stay tuned for next week’s picks from Thunder Treats to see if these two can hold off ¬†Chris Mortenson.¬†

NFL Week 8 Pick Em

October 30, 2009

Good Friday Morning to everyone. What better than waking up to Thunder Treats week 8 NFL pickem! We have a heated battle going on between Sahli and JEB, as well as all the ESPN analysts who are trying to get on our level.

ESPN Week 8 Picks

Week 7 NFL Pick Em Results

October 28, 2009

Week 7 is in the books and quite oddly no Thunder Treat’s author had the same results for this week. We finished as follows:

JEB 11-2
Sahli 10-3
Dubz 9-4
Sahli 8-5
Dilo 7-6

At this point of the season we now have 2 Thunder Treats authors, Sahli and JEB, at the top with an overall score of 74-29. This ties top ESPN analyst Adam Schefter coming in at the same mark. So Cal has a 69-34 mark, with Dilo and Dubz coming one game behind at 68-35. Again, we must point out ESPN bum analyst Eric Allen is at 64-39. Good work Eric, you still suck ass.

ESPN Expert Week 7 Results

NFL Week 7 Pick Em

October 24, 2009

Here are the Thunder Treats week 7 picks. 13 games on the slate this weekend and Sahli looks to keep his narrow lead.

NFL Week 6 Pick Em Results

October 24, 2009

I apologize for the delay in the results but it has been a very busy week. Sahli wins this week with a 10-4 record posted. Funny thing is, Sahli beat every single so called expert from ESPN. Kind of funny that a kid born and raised in beautiful Struthers, Ohio can embarrass all these experts. My vote is that until Eric Allen learns something about football (55-35 vs Sahli who is 64-26) that Sahli permanently replaces his as an ESPN expert and also gets paid his 6 figure salary to know jack shit about football. Hell, Sahli is tied for first place overall with Chris Mortensen with a 64-26 record. Eric Allen out, Thunder Treats own Sahli in!

NFL Week 6 Pick Em

October 17, 2009

We are now a third of the way into the NFL season and we can now have a good picture of where teams stand this year. Here is the Thunder Treats NFL picks, along with the ESPN Expert Picks!

NFL Week 5 Pick Em Results

October 15, 2009

Dilo and JEB come in first place among the Thunder Treats crew with a 10-4 mark. Myself, Sahli, and So Cal Shredder all had a 9-5 effort this week. ESPN had Merril Hoge lead the pack with an 11-3 record, but also had Mike all I ate was Golic bread with an 8-6 record along with Eric Allen once again in the basement. Eric Allen is 47-29 in picking games this year. Sad thing is he gets paid a 6 figure salary to do it. Hard to call someone an “expert” when you could probably flip a coin and pick better than him. For the second week in a row Eric, C’MON MAN!

NFL Week 5 Pick Em

October 10, 2009

After a shitty week 3, the Thunder Treats crew turned it around and had a great week 4. Hopefully we can keep this going and have another good week and gain ground on the ESPN experts picks.

Week 4 NFL Pick Em Results vs ESPN Analysts

October 6, 2009

Well folks, we are 4 weeks into the NFL season and the NFL picks are starting to take shape. Thunder Treats had a great week with JEB coming in first place with a 12-2 week, Dilo and Sahli went 11-3 while So Cal Shredder and yours truly posted a 10-4 mark. After 4 weeks we wanted to see how we stacked up against our friends at ESPN and their expert picks.

Week 4 Results (TT members in Bold)

JEB 12-2
Mortensen 12-2
Jaws 11-2 (Doesn’t pick MNF)
Dilo 11-3
Sahli 11-3
Schefter 11-3
Schlereth 11-3
Wickersham 11-3
ESPN Accuscore 11-3
Dubz 10-4
Hoge 10-4
So Cal Shredder 10-4
ESPN Pigskin Pick’em 10-4
Golic 9-5
Allen 8-6

Totals Through Week 4

Mortensen 48-14
Schefter 46-16
JEB 45-17
Sahli 45-17
ESPN Accuscore 45-17
ESPN Pigskin Pick ’em 45-17
Golic 43-18
So Cal Shredder 43-19
Dilo 43-19
Schlereth 43-19
Wickersham 43-19
Hoge 43-19
Jaworski 42-16 (Doesn’t pick MNF)
Dubz 41-21
Allen 39-23

As you can see, Thunder Treats is doing a great job against the ESPN experts. I am doing my best Cleveland Browns impression holding up the basement, but I am not all the way at the bottom. Eric Allen, you get paid to do this. In the words of the Monday Night Football Crew, C’MON MAN!

Week 4 NFL Pick Em

October 2, 2009

Week 4 is here and so is the start of bye weeks. Here are Thunder Treats’ 14 game picks for this weeks action. ESPN Expert picks can be seen here. Is this the week Sahli takes the lead past all the ESPN analysts or will someone else make a move for the top?