Mondays Thunder Links

November 24, 2009

Since Blogger is worthless turd, you do not have a funny picture of Zach Galifanakis to laugh at. I was going to put it up with these links, but since runs a Mickey Mouse operation over here, we are without. Definitely check out Bro Bible’s photo outakes…awesome.

These Links bring the Thunder…

– Marv vs. 50 Cent Update [Awful Announcing]
– Photo Outtakes from “The Hangover” [Bro Bible]
– Baseball’s Most Badass (and Sadly Obscure) Names [More Hardball]
– ‘Bama Fans, Get Em While They Last [Friends of the Program]
– Players to Refund Fans After Epic Fail [Rumors and Rants]
– Megan Fox Shows Off Her Flexibility in Lingerie [Sharapova’s Thigh]
– Bong Hits on Mike’d Up [Tirico Suave]
– Steelers Lost More than A Game on Sunday [No Guts, No Glory]
– Joe Mauer – The Tom Brady of Baseball [Detroit 4 Lyfe]
– Should Notre Dame Join the Big Ten? [Fan Nation]
– Could the Browns Update Their Uniforms [Waiting For Next Year]

Week 11 NFL Pickem

November 22, 2009

With 30 minutes to spare, the picks are in! Here is the NFL Week 11 Thunder Treats pick em!

Bring Your Floaties – Mirror Lake 2009

November 20, 2009

It’s Ohio State – Michigan week and that means one of the craziest traditions in all of college sports has just taken place. Last night, thousands of students stumbled to the center of Ohio State’s campus and jumped into the icy waters of Mirror Lake. The tradition goes back many years and is rumored to have begun as some type of freshman hazing back in the early 1900’s and has since morphed into the Michigan week tradition. Some make the jump as part of superstition while others just want to be a part of the party – either way alcohol typically plays a role in the decision. Many of the authors of Thunder Treats have taken the plunge into Mirror Lake, some of us multiple times. Some highlights of the event include: mud sliding, funny flotation devices, lost/ruined cell phones and cameras, half naked people, naked people, cannonballs, shrinkage, chicken fights, oars, snowball fights and throwing other peoples shoes while they are in the lake. There’s nothing like jumping into a lake in Ohio in the middle of November. While enjoying these pictures, please keep in mind that next years game will be played the Saturday after Thanksgiving. For those of you keeping track at home, this means that the Mirror Lake Jump is in serious danger of losing a lot of it’s participants due to the fact that the tradition will fall on Thanksgiving. Ouch. Ohio State students, I know there are only about 50,000 of you, maybe you guys should speak up and organize a new date? I’m not sayin, I’m just saying. With that said…LET’S GO BUCKS! Enjoy the pictures after the jump!

Below are our Ohio State University correspondents without whom this would not be possible. Big thanks to K-Lo and her trusty assistant Johnny C on their photos!!

Week 11 Pick Em

November 20, 2009

Another Thursday game for the NFL this week so here are the early picks for Thunder Treats Week 11 NFL pick em. More picks to come for Sundays games!

Lincecum Wins Second NL Cy Young

November 19, 2009

Twitter does it again! Sports Illustrated and baseball writer Jon Heyman posted the news to his twitter account BEFORE any major media outlet. This proves once again that Twitter can be your source for the most up to date information on any given topic. This is Lincecum’s second Cy Young in as many years even though he had a rather unimpressive wins total. Although, Zach Greinke’s win total was unimpressive but he also took home the hardware. Runners up Chris Carpenter and Adam Wainwright were very worthy candidates as well. Carpenter was 3rd in the league in complete games after coming off multiple injuries and Wainwright led the league in wins, which is a common staple among Cy Young winners. Congrats to Timmy on another trophy for the case, I guess the answer to the popular question “Have you ever won a Cy Young on weeeeeed, maaan?” would be a definite “yes”. Check here to see how far off the Thunder Treats authors preseason MLB predictions were.

NFL Pick em Week 10 Results

November 19, 2009

Another week of NFL Football is in the books and another week we have Dubz picking worse than a school girl. A the top we have DiLo who is looking to make a run at Sahli’s very impressive streak. Jeb is right on his coat tails. DiLo was wise enough to pick the Bengals over the Steelers because he knows how much of a complete team the Bengals are and how much the Steelers are overrated. Obviously I am kidding, I just want to piss Dubz off because I am doing his job. Sahli and Jeb both had games where they picked the only winners as well. DiLo was one game off the best ESPN analyst at 10-5. I believe that Dubz might have the best chance to be an ESPN analyst because they pick like shit and so does he. We’ll see how many more times I have to write this post…Here is the ESPN “Experts” picks from week 10.

The Nature Boy knocks out Hogan

November 19, 2009


While promotiong some wrestling event in Australia, things apparently got heated between Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan. Flair, who is now 60, punched and bloodied Hogan. This very well could be just another wrestling stunt, but I can only come up with one response…

Whooo Whooo Whoooooooooo Whooo

Hump Day Hottie: Sarah Wright

November 18, 2009

This week’s lil slice of heaven is Sarah Wright. Ms. Wright just turned 26 like a certain editor for a certain fantastic site (Im talking about this one idiots). She is also from a small town in Kentucky and I don’t know about you guys, but the only girls I have ever met from Kentucky are party girls. Sarah, like so many former Hump Day Hotties, is a former model and is now an actress. You may have seen her on this week’s episode of “How I Met Your Mother”. If you didn’t, then you missed one of the best episodes I have ever seen in the 4 plus seasons the show has been on. I suggest going to Hulu to watch it, then going straight to and buying the complete series. Anyway, she was also in The House Bunny as snotty sororiety babe Ashley and has had other numerous roles in shows such as 7th Heaven and Mad Men. So a hat tip to Sarah this Wednesday for becoming the new Hump Day Hottie, you deserve it. More pics of Sarah after the jump!

Browns to Join the Mid American Conference

November 17, 2009

Obviously that’s a joke; it’s just not as funny of a joke as the Browns last night and to be honest, they might have trouble with Temple. Last night, I dreaded watching Monday Night Football for the first time in a long time. I live in Las Vegas and don’t have to watch the Browns get their shit kicked in, week in and week out. Although, like all Browns fans, I held out hope of maybe seeing an upset like last year during Monday Night Football when they upended the then defending World Champion New York Football Giants. With each game I watch or read about, it seems like games like that fade even faster in my memory. Last night was no exception.

The game started out well, but then evened out after the first play. Jamal Lewis had a nice 12 yard run and that was about all I saw of our offense. Brady Quinn had a passer rating lower than most of Thunder Treats authors ACT scores yet it was still somehow better than Derek Anderson’s. had their box score for the game and on the right hand column had each teams “top performers”. As you can see from the photo above, Cribbs had a less than stellar outing, yet they thought he was the top performer. Personally I would have said Furrey with his 6 receptions for 30 yards, but that really isn’t all that impressive either. The Ravens defense smothered the Browns and, to their credit, the Browns defense did well again Joe Flacco and Company. Now, if we could only get them to do it for the entire game, we might actually get a W. That is assuming we can move the ball offensively. The first half ended in a 0-0 tie. For those of you who aren’t Browns fans, that’s actually like winning, so naturally I was pumped to be “up” at the half.

In the second half we saw the Ravens score twice in 17 seconds. Only in Cleveland. I have seen so much shit in my days as a Cleveland fan (all things Cleveland, not just the Browns) that I did not even flinch at the pick 6. How terrible is that? I feel bad, but it is the truth. I read somewhere today that people think last years 0-16 Lions would mop the floor with this years Cleveland squad and ya know what, I’m not sure they are wrong. I would watch next weeks game against Detroit except I am almost positive they won’t even send a camera crew. Again though, I will probably get my hopes up of another miraculous victory only to get stomped on. And yes, a win over Detroit would be miraculous.

The biggest problem I have right now is not with Randy Lerner (shocking) but with Eric Mangini or whoever decided it was a swell idea to run a hook and ladder on the last play of the game. When you are down 16-0 with 4 ticks left on the clock, do yourself a favor and kneel the ball or just run it up the gut. If you are down by 8 or less, then maybe you think about running a trick play to try to win it. The reason you do not run a trick play when it is irrelevant is to avoid injury because most of the trick plays are free for alls and there are people flying everywhere. Case in point last night when Joshua Cribbs had to be immobilized, put on a stretcher and carted off the field after receiving a bone crushing hit during Cleveland’s unbelievably bad play call. The “good” news is that it’s “just” a concussion. Cribbs was taken to the hospital for evaluation and had movement in all parts of his body, thank goodness. Now, our best player and one of the most dangerous return men in football is laid up because we were trying to get our 6th touchdown in 15 games. Unfortunately, that is a fact and not a joke.

I will continue to watch, no matter how painful it is, but I have to say that I think someone needs to remind Randy Lerner that he owns a football team. Also, I think we need to remind Eric Mangini that he is not, nor was he ever, the GM of this football team. Lastly, if you wait to hire a GM until seasons end, how about hiring him before the new head coach? Maybe you can get really wild and get his input on the matter and maybe even let him have a suggestion? Just a thought…

Larry Johnson to Sign with the Bengals

November 16, 2009

I certainly thought it might take teams a little longer to pick up Larry Johnson, but if I had to guess which team would be the first to take a swipe at him it would have been the Bengal’s. It really isn’t surprising since their back on top running back Cedric Benson was injured on Sunday against the Steelers. He is supposedly en route to the Cincy right now. He is also expected to sign sometime today barring any breakdowns in talks. So, to be clear, as long as Larry doesn’t open his mouth he should be a Bengal by sunset. I would tell him to stay away from Twitter and any other means of speaking his mind as it hasn’t helped much in the past. The Bengals have said that Benson will be able to go this Sunday when they play the NFL’s version of a high school team in the Oakland Raiders. If they can add Johnson to the roster they might as well let Ced rest this week…hell, they might as well rest all the starters this week.

Head to Pro Football Talk for the full story and latest coverage.