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Candy Cane Striped Carnage

December 1, 2009

A few weeks ago, Thunder Treats introduced you to an innovative new way to bong a beer. We showed you the Flabongo, which you could make out of a pink lawn flamingo. Now, Thunder Treats has stumbled upon another useful lawn ornament that we can turn into alcohol paraphernalia. The plastic yard candy cane. Plus, since it is that time of year, there is an abundance of supply. To use, simply steal or buy a plastic yard candy cane, pour the alcohol into the long end of the candy cane while keeping your thumb over the opposite end (duh.). Next elevate the candy cane to the point where you can remove your thumb from the end. Lastly, put the candy cane straight up in the air and down the hatch goes that nice refreshing liquid blanket. A special thanks to Thunder Treats resident party girl, L2 for the heads up on this fun and festive way to get shitfaced. After the jump there are more pictures that feature DiLo, Jack Potts, L2 and others all joining in the fun.

Must Have Tailgate Accessory

October 26, 2009

Here at Thunder Treats we try and keep our readers up to date on anything that may affect their lives in a positive manner. Case in point…..Hump Day Hotties, employment opportunities, etc. Keeping with the theme, I thought it would be good to bring to your attention the Flabongo. One of America’s favorite pastimes is taking worthless pieces of crap and turning them into a vessel of inebriation (see also the Lou Holtz Drinking Game). The Flabongo is an ordinary lawn ornament modified slightly to bring fun and excitement to any event. I recently had the chance to test drive this marvel of engineering and can say it does not disappoint. The Flabongo has been Thunder Tested, Thunder Approved and I welcome you to give it a run yourself (provided you are of legal age). More pics after the jump..

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