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NFL Week 12 Pick Em

November 26, 2009

Good Morning to our East Coast followers, and a Happy Thanksgiving Eve to our folks on Pacific time. As always, we here at Thunder Treats would like to wish everyone out there a happy thanksgiving. With Thanksgiving here that can only mean 1 thing: Madden’s famous TURDUCKEN!
Due to some technical difficulties, I will have to post the results from last week some time tomorrow barring anymore laptop issues. As with every Thanksgiving, we have our Thursday slate of games featuring the Green Bay Packers traveling to face the Detroit Lions. The 415 kickoff pits the Oakland Raiders traveling to Jerry’s world to face the Dallas Cowboys. Finally at 815 EST the NY Giants travel to the mile high city (which I highly recommend traveling to visit) to face the Denver Broncos. For this week’s Thursday games, it is an across the board unanimous selection of teams. All 5 of us picked the Green Bay Packers, the Dallas Cowboys, and the NY football Giants. Again, Happy Thanksgiving to all of our Thunder Treats nation!

Hump Day Hottie: Catherine Bell

November 12, 2009

I know this weeks Hump Day Hottie is a little late, but that’s not my fault, I was busy trying to explain what a “Hump Day Hottie” was to Diora Baird. You would think she would know, given that she has been one before but I digress. This week’s treat is a mom and is 41 years of age. Lightbulb. That’s right fella’s, I think you can count on seeing Catherine Bell on Selection Sunday for the 2010 Cougar Madness Tournament. Bell got her start acting after an extended modeling gig in Japan. She is mostly known for her role as Sarah MacKenzie on the hit show JAG. Didn’t watch JAG? I didn’t either. I recognized her from Bruce Almighty and its sequel Evan Almighty as the busty co-anchor Susan Ortega. Join me in congratulating Catherine Bell for her admittance into the elite Hump Day Hottie sorority…More pics of bodacious Bell after the jump!

Hump Day Hottie: Chelan Simmons

November 4, 2009

This week’s Hump Day Hottie is Canuck Chelan Simmons. Chelan is 27 years old and hails originally from the Great White North. Chelan exhibits a couple of the characteristics we here at Thunder Treats love. 1.) Unusual or unpronouncable name and 2.) Freckles. Though they may be hard to see, I guarantee you do not miss them in Good Luck Chuck. Chelan got her career started in the uber-scary (depending on what age you first watched it) movie It. Fast forward about 15-20 years and you have a new Chelan that, lucky for us, loves to get nakey nakey in her movies. First in Final Destination 3 as Ashely Freund, she gets baked to death in a tanning bed. Most recently in Good Luck Chuck. Never seen it? Check it out, it will only take you the first 10 minute to see what she capable of. Two words: Beach. Scene. Congratualtions to Chelan on this fine accomplishment, we look forward to your next movie…More pics of Ms. Simmons after the jump.

Hump Day Hottie: Diora Baird

September 23, 2009

This week’s slice of Smokeface pie is model/actress Diora Baird. Diora is 26 and originally from Miami but moved to LA LA Land when she was 17 to pursue acting. Lucky for us. When she first arrived in LA she had to have side jobs while trying to find work as an actress. Care to guess what one of her side jobs was? Go ahead, I’ll wait…still waiting…give up? She was a clown! For some reason I get the picture of the clown in Entourage when he is trying to give Ari Gold his reel. Anyway, she has been on the cover of Playboy as well as multiple shoots for FHM and Maxim. We saw her in Wedding Crashers as well as Accepted. She most recently was in Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Begninning. Join me in congratulating Diora on this fine accomplishment. She will most definitely fit in with our past Hump Day Hotties. Enjoy more Diora after the jump…

Hump Day Hottie: Jana Kramer

September 16, 2009

This week’s Hump Day Hottie is some one who is usually overlooked in the hottie world. Jana Kramer, better known as Noelle Davenport on Friday Night Lights, is Thunder Treats mid-week mistress. Jana has just signed on to be a regular on the CW’s One Tree Hill and was recently seen on this past weeks episode of Entourage. According to sources, she will also be in this weeks episode of Entourage, “Berried Alive”. Since Jana is 25 and I am 25, I think we are perfect match. Ok, Jana, now that Thunder Treats has bestowed this most epic title upon you, I think its only fair for a date. I’m just sayin it’s the classy thing to do and we are all about class here at TT. More pics after the jump…

Hump Day Hottie: Julie Benz

September 9, 2009

This weeks midweek pick-me-up is Julie Benz. I hope to God that you watch Dexter on Showtime because that is where you will get your recommended dosage of Ms. Benz. I say “Ms.” there because of her divorce in 2007. Schwing. At only 37, Julie has a few years before she can dominate Thunder Treats Cougar Madness, but sure do look for forward to it. To get hip to Julie, I suggest getting geared up for season 4 of Dexter by going through all the past seasons first. Let me tell you that Rita gets hotter and hotter by the episode. And if I’m not mistaken, I would say Rita Bennet got herself some surgically enhanced heaters starting in season 3. Awesome. So sit back, push your work to the side and enjoy some much deserved Julie Benz. More pics after the jump…

Hump Day Hottie: Kate Mara

August 26, 2009

My first experience with Kate Mara was when I got to see her in the so-so “We Are Marshall”. She played Annie Cantrall, the girlfriend of Chris Griffen who parished in the plane crash. The next time Kate’s pretty mug was smeared on my TV was when she played Sarah Fenn, the widow of Bob Lee Swager’s (Mark Wahlberg) partner in “Shooter”. If I had to choose, Shooter would be 1 of 2 movies to play on a continuous loop at my house. The other being Never Back Down (see HDH: Amber Heard for reason numero uno). I also believe that Mara was 10 times the woman in Shooter than she was in We Are Marshall for one simple reason…Southern Accent. I have said it before and I will say it again and again; a girl with an accent can kill puppies and it wouldn’t bother me in the slightest. Moving on, does anyone know what Thunder Treats finds uber sexy in a woman? Knowledge of sports…or at least to have a good argument about it. It is safe to say that Mara knows a bit about sports seeing as how her mothers side of the family owns the Shittsburgh Steelers. I know what you’re thinking…ding ding ding, we have a winner…but there is more. Kate’s fathers side of the family own the New York Giants. So do you think her career will be a failure if she doesn’t win more Oscars than the amount of Super Bowl Championships by both teams (9 combined)? If so, then I think Kate should count being Thunder Treats Hump Day Hottie as the first notch on that belt. After all, what would you rather be announced as? “Oscar Award Winning”…or “Thunder Treats Hump Day Hottie…”? You decide…but the question is rhetorical, so it doesn’t matter. More Kate after the jump…

Hump Day Hottie: Amber Heard

August 12, 2009

Amber Heard is this weeks Hump Day Hottie. You may remember Amber as Seth Rogan’s (yuck) girlfriend in Pineapple Express or if you are cool enough, you may remember her as Baja Miller in Never Back Down. I suggest watching Never Back Down at least 5 to 6 times. Amber came to Hollywood after ditching her Catholic high school her junior year. I imagine that sucked for most guys at her school (assuming it was coed) because I am sure she rocked the shit out of that uniform. Although her dropping out was probably for the best seeing as how she is an atheist now. Apparently her first real boyfriend introduced her to it…How the hell does Dad let that happen? Whether or not she has God in her heart doesn’t really weigh heavily on my decision to award her Thunder Treats Hump Day Hottie. Congrats Amber, now go read the Bible…More pics after the jump…

Hump Day Hottie: Michelle Monaghan

August 5, 2009

This week’s Hump Day Hottie is the little smoke face Michelle Monaghan. Michelle first caught our eye with her roles in both The Bourne Supremacy and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. If you haven’t seen either movie, leave and never come back. If you have, then I am sure you know exactly what part of Kiss Kiss Bang Bang is our favorite. She also played the love interest Miranda in The Heartbreak Kid, which, surprisingly, is absolutely hilarious. More pics after the jump…

27 Pics of Jennie Finch. Why? Because she is #27…and Hot.

August 4, 2009

A congratulations is in order after Jennie Finch led Team USA to the Gold Medal in the Japan Cup for the 5th time in the tournaments 6 year exsistence. Finch had the only 2 RBI’s of the game and pitched 7 innings of 1-hit softball. Nicely done. After watching the E! True Hollywood Story: Baseball Wives, I remembered just how hot Jennie Finch was. Don’t laugh, because I know you watched it and if you didn’t, you’re pissed you missed it. I don’t think Jennie gets enough face time on blogs so I thought Thunder Treats would step it up for her. Enjoy. Oh, and remember, Jennie is a mom…